Gone Fishin’

Good day… or evening or whenever.  I just hope you’re good regardless of when you’re reading this.

Finally!  We are having a nice spring day.  It is a wonderful break after experiencing a very cruel relentless winter.

But today is different.  The abundance of sunshine, blue skies and singing birds become a siren song to…


The hypnotic song of sights and sounds easily intoxicate me with the notion of taking off.

But unfortunately the responsibilities of the day are the wax in the ears that keep the sweet siren song from taking hold and preventing me from my assigned mission, work stuff.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Playing hooky is not beyond me what-so-ever.  I have done my share of bolting for the door.  I don’t even need good weather as an excuse.

But I must confess, I am much better at playing hooky as an adult than as a teenager.

It seemed that when I was a kid every time I tried the hooky thing I got caught.  Moms have a way of finding out those kinds of things.  You know exactly what I mean.  The magical and mysterious knowledge that put fear into every move you made… cause she knew… somehow she knew.

There are some people who do not risk playing hooky by physically leaving, but they play hooky in their head.

Their body sits at the desk and their hands are on the keyboard but they are not there.  The trancelike look in the eye and the drool on the shirt is a dead give-a-way that they’ve checked out for the day.

Side Note: Believe it or not I am actually going to make a point of all of this.  I am not totally sure how but it’s my plan none the less.


The hooky thing is fun to think about and I am sure just mentioning the word brings back memories.

I am not an advocate of blowing off responsibilities but playing hooky is something we all need to do on occasion.

Side Note: Some of you reading this blog are experts at hooky.  You don’t need me encouraging you to take off.

If anything, you need to stop playing hooky and get your ass back to work.


Now those of you who have a tough time letting go… listen up.  Play hooky sometime.

But here’s the tricky part.

If you decide to play hooky… don’t spoil it by feeling guilty.

Here’s my advice.  Give yourself permission to take a break.

Uh… I guess I will finish now because I am keeping you from taking a grand adventure.  Have a good time.

While you go to have a good time I have to get my hooky playing ass back to work.

See you on Monday.

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