Plaid Shirt or Pocket Protector


Hi there.

Well, it’s 7:30 a.m. and I am feeling the pressure to write something worthy of reading.

I know a lot of people who say that they work best under pressure.  In fact, I used to feel the same way.  That is until one day I got smacked with a reality check.

Someone told me that it’s not that you work best under pressure but it’s that you’re more motivated under pressure.  Uuugh… I didn’t want to hear that.  But it was true.

In a time pinch I am forced to focus my energy on the task at hand.  A looming deadline requires me to limit my options and tackle the project.  As you can probably guess I am a somewhat loose creative type that likes to…shall we say… flow… keep my options open.

Please understand, I am not complaining that I tend to be looser in my approach to life.  The good parts of my personality type are wonderful.  I love the serendipity of life and all the surprises just around the corner.  To experience these things one needs to be somewhat fluid and open.

But there is an ugly side too.  Like all things there is a ying and yang dimension.

There are some people who live their lives so loosely and freely that they won’t stop hugging baby seals long enough to get anything done.

They can’t even make simple decisions.  Their favorite color is plaid.

I am not bragging but I think I have learned to enjoy to positives and minimize the negatives.

Now I know that those of you who live at the other end of the personality continuum have a tough time understanding we creative types… humm, small world.  You confuse us too.

But the reality is, it’s the same for you.  Let’s say that you’re the buttoned down type.  You may be more organized and disciplined.  I admire and envy these great qualities.  Impressive.

Just like me, you reap the benefits of your good qualities that make life enjoyable and meaningful.

But before you get all arrogant and cocky about your superior attributes you may need to put that pen back in your pocket protector.

But let’s face it; your style has a dark side too.

Some of you need to get a life.  Some of you are wound a bit too tight.  For some, your butts are so tight you can pick up a dime.

I guess what I am saying is that we are all blessed to live in an amazing world with wonderful variety.  And we and our differing styles are part of that variety.

So for you creative types, focus on something for a minute and get something done.  You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to accomplish something.

And for you disciplined types, look around.  Believe it or not, there is a world just beyond your check list.

I know it’s scary to get too far from your “feel good” sheet but I want you to know that there’s a multitude of great things to enjoy that does not carry the guilt of feeling you have to accomplish something.

Hopefully I will see you back on Thursday.


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