Stop or you’ll lose your hand


G’day mate.

After 135 blog entries I got tired of the run of the mill greetings such as – howdy, hi there, and welcome back.  On two rare occasions I ventured into the international arena with a simple “hola” or “Ciao”.

For whatever reason today felt a bit more cheerful and inviting so a “G’day mate” just trickled down my fingers to the keyboard and on to the screen.

Maybe I’m cheerful because the sun is out.  This morning was crisp, brilliant and beautiful.  Even the birds seemed to happier and chirpier.

I don’t know where you live but in our part of the country we have been drowning in rain.  Our area may set a new record for the most amount of rain to fall in any month since keeping records.  Needless to say, there is no shortage of water here or people feeling down because of the seemingly continual overcast skies.

Isn’t it funny (odd may be the better word choice) how things such as weather affect our moods and impact our emotional state?

Moods seem weird to me for some reason.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I get in a crappy mood every now and then.  I even wrote about my mood earlier this month.

Side Note: Humm… maybe I am moodier than I think?

Nah, self enlightenment is not on my agenda for today.  Maybe that’s an insight to explore another day.


Generally I am in a pretty good mood.  I tend to be a pretty positive person overall.

But have you ever met someone who always seems to have a stick up their butt.  You know, the person you hesitate to address.  They are, what you might call, even tempered – Always in a bad mood.

Frankly I don’t understand it.  It can’t be very fun to be them.  It is definitely not fun to be around them.

You may be wondering about the picture of the Jack Russell Terrier at the top of the page.  The picture is actually related to this point.

If you don’t know about Jack Russell Terriers they are amazing dogs.  Don’t let that cute face and little body fool you.  They are a big dog in a little body.  They are smart, energetic, spirited and shall we say… can be a bit temperamental if not managed carefully.

My wife and I were in Scotland a few years ago and spent the night in a small rather obscure village called Inveraray in County Argyll.

After dinner we were walking through this quaint village and noticed an older gentleman taking his Jack Russell on their evening walk.

As we approached the delightful duo, my wife being a dog lover, asked the fellow if she could pet the dog.

The setting, the duo and his simple response is one of those memorable moments that you carry with you and reflect on with fondness.  One of those memories you think about and smile.

With a strong Scottish brogue, he nicely, but matter-of-factly, said,

“Oh no mam.  He doesn’t even like himself.”

So we kept our hands to ourselves and strolled on enjoying the evening and smiling.

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to walk away smiling from people who tend to snap at an outstretched hand.  But I can’t let their snappy bad mood rub off on me.

Now if I am completely honest (uggh, honesty) I need to make sure that when I am in a snappy bad mood that I don’t bite people’s hands.

It’s not a good thing to do… tasty at times but not good.

Side Note: Frankly I think that I just impressed myself.

Somehow I started this blog with an Australian G’day Mate and ended up in Scotland with a Jack Russell terrier.

Don’t ask me how but somehow I did.

See you Monday mate.


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