The Sky is Falling


Howdy.  I hope you’re having a great day.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I have a crappy day every now and then.  Don’t worry, I feel pretty good today.

When I do have a bad day it is not because I am worrying about something.  I don’t tend to be a person that worries that much.

Fair warning, since I am not a worrier I will most likely offend you worriers out there today.

I barely finish the last sentence and my insensitivity is already kicking in.  Here goes… frankly I don’t understand why people worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet and, chances are, will never happen.  This baffles me.

We all know people who seem to focus on the “what ifs”.  Now like most things there is a continuum of worriers.  From the worrier that expends extra energy to the person consumed and fearful about the “what may be.”

“I have had a lot of troubles in life.  Fortunately most of them never came true.”

-       Mark Twain


Believe me when I say that I am not making fun or light of worriers.  I just don’t understand them.

Now there is a difference between worry and appropriate concern about a current reality.

For example, there are things that concern me such as the economy or family issues.  It is on my radar screen and I take appropriate action but I don’t worry about the “what if’s” of life.

Worry can be a slippery slope into a whirl of negative emotion.  It’s odd to me how something that will most likely never happen, dominates and clouds the moment.

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

-       Charles Spurgeon

This is the sad thing.  Worry about the future corrupts the present.

I probably don’t worry because I love myself too much.  In the past when I have spent time worrying I found that it took a lot of energy.

Being a person given to laziness it felt like an unnecessary expenditure of energy… and depressing.

Saving Face: Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t blow off responsibility.  I just don’t worry.


The gap in logic for me is that worrying does not alter one single aspect of the issue being worried about.  It doesn’t change a thing.

I am sure the person worrying is wondering why someone like myself doesn’t worry.  They probably think that if I understood the magnitude of the issue I would be worried too.  They feel I just don’t grasp the situation.

Or worse, they think I am a calloused insensitive slug that doesn’t care about global warming, the end of the world coming in December of 2011, radiation from the damaged nuclear power plants, burning incandescent bulbs, water from the tap and eating meat.

Humm…on second thought, they may be right.  Maybe I am a calloused insensitive slug.

Anyway, for your worriers out there let me just say… forget it… I have no idea what to suggest.

Signing off.

The calloused, insensitive slug.

See you Monday.

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  1. OK…you knew I would respond to this one. There is a difference between “worrying” and thinking through options depending on outcomes. I’m a planner and I like details – it does not mean I’m worrying every time….just some of the time. And, it irritates the fool out of me that you don’t! Love you any way.

  2. Jerry Rushing

    Hello Betty (the totally anonymous Jerry groupie whom I have no earthly idea who she is),
    Good point… I think. I just think the line between planning and worrying gets blurred if not careful.
    This comment and reply are funny to me. But then again I am a calloused insensitive slug. What do I know.

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