Where were you when the lights went out?

Hi there.

In case you were wondering, my blog was late today.  I have a great excuse… the lights went out.

Yep, right at the point where my blog was about to hit the literary crescendo… darkness, silence, confusion… the power was out and my document gone.

No finer words have ever been penned, but now, lost to the ages.

Well, it might be bit of an exaggeration but the power actually did go out, thus the blog is launched late today.

Isn’t that the way life is?  You can have the best plans and then something bigger than the moment takes over and the plans are out the window.  Or in this case Windows (sorry, just a little computer humor).

The reality is, we are never in complete control.  We can control our little world to some degree but ultimately, we are at the whims of life.

Control is a mysterious slippery devil.  We all want it, some will stop at nothing (literally nothing) to have it, yet none possess it.

Some people grab hold of life tightly and try to force and bend it to their will.  They may make a dent in this thing called life but they never control it.

The odd paradox is that life is to be held to loosely.  Knowing that, the ebbs and flows are navigated more easily and the currents seem to channel more naturally in directions that better suit our needs and wants.

But rest assured… we never control life.

Things get a bit dicey when people feel that life is theirs for the taking and it centers on them.

I think there is something wise about the belief that we should have a healthy respect for things that are beyond us.

When we realize that we are a small piece of something larger it makes life look totally different.

Some people may take what I just said as a reason not to engage life head on.  No, on the contrary.  Knowing that you are a piece of something larger is exciting, powerful and meaningful.

This knowledge and understanding gives purpose versus the hollow vanity that life revolves around you and everything is here for your pleasure.

The media is full of stories of people lost to themselves and floundering for some sense of stability.

What’s sad is that people are entertained by the Charlie Sheen’s of the world.  What they cannot do on their own they seem to vicariously live out their self-centeredness through the chaotic lives of others.

Stability does not come in the isolation of one’s own importance but the realization that I am a part of something amazingly wonderful and magnificent.

I think I will poke more on this “life” thing on Thursday.

See you then… unless the power goes out.  If it does, we’ll flow with life.

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