Polka and a Pinky Ring


Howdy, I hope your day is going well.

My day started early…  3:10 a.m. early.  I tend to be an early riser but this was a bit much.

To add to my odd morning I am currently scrunched up in a small airplane seat (19 F) on my way to Phoenix.  To make matters worse the person in front of me has her seat reclined back in my lap.  Any closer I could kiss her forehead.

So here I am trying to write my blog entry and I have to stand the computer on its edge and half folded to be able to type.

I am sure that I look weird to the people around me.  I am sitting straight up, peeking over the edge of the computer with my elbows invading the air space of my fellow passengers and fingers dancing along the keyboard.

I have this uncomfortable feeling that the combination of my posture and the contraption in my lap makes me look like I am playing the accordion.  All I need is a pinky ring to make the scene complete… polka anyone?

There are people coughing, babies crying and only three hours and 25 minutes to touch down… but who’s counting… ahhh the glamour of travel.

But strangely, I feel pretty cheerful.  I haven’t let the surroundings capture my attitude.  Just so you know, I tend to be pretty pleasant most of the time (except when I get hungry, then I can get a bit cranky).

I am having a good day because I am choosing not to let things get to me.

This morning I had extra help with my attitude, but not in the way that you might think.  What helped me decide to have a good attitude was watching a person with a bad attitude.

Before the flight I heard a person really complaining.  First let me say in all fairness, there were things going on that were frustrating.  So the basis of the frustration was legitimate.

But like most things in life, it is not the “what” in life that defeats us but the “how” we deal with it.  Everyone faces things that are annoying, unfair or frustrating.

I am sure you too have experienced similar scenes.  Someone gets frustrated because something isn’t going right.

It starts off as some low level grumbling and then the voice gets louder as a means to let everyone and especially the source of the frustration know they are unhappy.

As the problem lingers the voice gets louder, more intense and caustic.  The voice is no longer just a means of announcing unhappiness but becomes a spew.

Initially I believe most of the people standing just ignored the person.  But as the vocal siren of whine and frustration wailed  on we all wanted to escape… or take her out.  It was tempting because we all wanted to take ourselves out of her misery.

Now in all fairness, I too have had my times.  But the light finally came on when I realized that getting upset doesn’t change a thing.  It just makes the situation worse and sucks everything and everyone around that’s not secured into a black hole of negativity.

I guess if I step back and look at the situation in total I have to come to the conclusion that all was not bad.  If God can use a talking donkey, He can use a spinning headed woman to touch my life.

It gave me something to write about and I ended up having a good day.

See you Thursday.

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