Bent Waist or Flat on Your Face


Hello, good to see you again.

On Monday I talked about an amazing scene I saw at the bottom of an escalator in baggage claim at an airport in Los Angeles.

Excerpt from Monday’s blog.

The woman was on her knees and she was bowed completely over from the waist with her face on the floor and her arms extended out on the carpet with her hands flat.

It was an amazing sight.  Here you had the hustle and bustle of baggage claim with all the families, travelers and limo drivers and there was a person bowing as low as one could get on carpet that collects millions of foot steps each year.”


I ended the blog by asking this question of myself and the readers…

“What do I love and care enough about where my surroundings do not restrict my actions?

In hind sight I wish I had asked the question a bit differently.  The wording of the question doesn’t capture the essence of the event.

If we look at my question in its purest form, I am sure that we all can say that we’ve done things not caring about our surroundings or what people thought.

My, my, haven’t we all done some pretty stupid stuff in the name of love.  I am sure we could all share some interesting stories about things we have done when there was no regard our surroundings.

Yes, my question misses the mark.  The essence of the event was not the fact that the lady with the jet black hair dressed completely in white did something despite the surroundings; but it was the act of raw servitude and surrender of self that screamed the loudest.

Relinquishing self is so counter cultural.  Our society demands we take care of “number one” first.  Anything less is seen as weak and ignorant.

** God Alert ** – Head’s up.  I will talk about my faith for a bit.  Once again I am not trying to make you believe as I do.

I have said it many times, if a person is a genuine seeker of Truth (including myself) then we will be led to what is good and right.


As a Christian I am quite comfortable with my faith.  I am not in any way ashamed of my faith in Christ.  But saying that, I am very ashamed of how some people behave in the name of Christ.  That is a whole different topic worth diving into some day… but not today.

Frankly, there are not that many defined public displays of my faith except for possibly praying before a meal.  I always pray before a meal except on occasion when I am with someone where I think that it would be inappropriate.

Side Note: My last statement got some of my Christian friends all in a tizzy.  I am sure I am immediately going on their prayer list because they think I am drifting from “the Faith”.

No, I personally don’t believe I have to pray every time I eat.  I do because I want to.  When I am with another person my responsibility is to be what Christ wants me to be for them, and frankly, that may mean not praying.  Because my ritual is less important than making sure they are open and receptive to who and what I am.

How in the world did I get down this path?  My A.D.D. must have kicked in.


OK, back to open servitude and surrender to self.

Now honestly, there is not a preacher or religious leader I would bow to as did the lady.  Please know that I am not judging her.  I am talking about me… and of course we all know its about me (that was a joke).

But seriously, bowing in complete selflessness is rare in our world.  In the UK people bow (slightly bent waist) or curtsy out of proper respect.  But a selfless face down bow is not seen.

So with all that said, the question for me is this.

What do I bow to in complete servitude and selfless surrender?

If your answer is nothing, you’re wrong.  We all surrender to something.

If your response was nothing, the real answer is yourself!

I like self as much as the next person.  I like things my way.  But I easily and regularly bow, face to floor, to my Lord.

Hopefully I didn’t scare some of you off who don’t believe as I do.  Don’t worry, I won’t get all preachy.

Thanks for hanging out with me… see you Monday.


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