No Bitter Pill


Hi there.  I didn’t know for sure you would visit me today after the last blog entry.

Kudos, pretty daring.

Over the next three or four blog entries I plan to dissect the statement tattooed on the person’s upper underarm pictured in last Thursday’s blog.

Important Note: If you didn’t read Thursday’s blog and see the picture I just referred too, these entries will make little sense.

Go ahead a scroll down the page to the blog.  The picture alone is a grabber.


For those of you who read the blog I can just hear the collective groan from many of you out there.  You’re probably thinking, Ugggh!  I don’t want anything heavy or uncomfortable.  Just give me cotton candy for the brain.  Something light, sweet with an occasional hint of flavor to let me know I’m eating something.

Well, this is a bit meatier than cotton candy.  But stick with me because I believe the statement has a lot to say to all of us… good stuff… important stuff… if we are willing to step back and look.

Don’t worry, this will not be a bitter pill to swallow, chewy but not bitter… not this week anyway.

Dissecting the Arm Quote:

“Being told you are…”

During our entire life we are getting messages.  From our first moment at birth to our last moment of life there are messages being sent to us.

Side Note: We also send messages but that is for a blog of another time.  Our focus this go round are the messages to us.


This message thing sounds relatively straight forward and simplistic at first glance, but not at all.

Messages come from all directions in a multitude of shapes and sizes, subtle to blatant, verbal and non-verbal.

We cannot underestimate the power of messages.  They, in reality, are invisible hands from a variety of sculptors.  These hands shape and form us as people.  This is especially true when we are very young, impressionable and moldable.

In a short period of time the shapes and molds begin to harden us into the people we are… for better… or for worse.

These messages we have received influence the course of our life and impacts life decisions.

You will notice that up to this point I haven’t qualified the messages in terms of being positive or negative.  My initial point is that we send and receive messages all the time and they shape us.

The fact is, we have all (to varying degrees) had a mix of positive messages and sadly, negative.

Positive messages build and strengthen.  If a person hears and sees messages that identify and reinforce a particular gifting (e.g. athletics or academics) then the likelihood that they will pursue these areas are natural.

These positive messages build, strengthen and free us while negative messages trap and undermine us as people.

Those of you who are familiar with the arm quote know that on Thursday we will talk about negative messages and the trap that creates.

See you on Thursday.

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