Splitting Hares


Happy Monday… or whatever day you are reading this.

As you know I found a picture a week ago with a quote that was tattooed on the upper underarm of a girl.

The picture was provocative and disconcerting.  I was repulsed at first not wanting to look at the arm with the hairy arm pit and the shocking tattooed quote.

But the quote was compelling and thought provoking enough that I have been dissecting it segment by segment.

Shall we continue?  Oh lets.

Dissecting the Arm Quote: (continued)  

“Being told you are a worthless piece of shit and not believing it…

Now I don’t know about you but as I read the next part of the sentence (in blue) my eyes and head went immediately to the heart of quote, …not believing it…

But I had to slam on the mental breaks.  There is a simple word here that is easily overlooked but must not, MUST NOT be ignored.  The word is “AND”.

“Being told you are a worthless piece of shit and not believing it…”

This simple, easily ignored word is so powerful that it determines our future.  I am not exaggerating for effect… it literally determines our future.

This focus on the word “And” is not an attempt to split hairs on definition.

Side Note: I know, I know.  Using two cute rabbits and a puppy and a play on words was a cheap trick to get your attention.

And yes, it was a stretch to tie it in somehow.  But I did… kinda.


“And” follows virtually every single thing in our lives.  Every conversation, event, experience, or encounter has an “AND” that follows.

It is the conscious or unconscious pause that begs… no demands a response.

This is the point that charts our course.  We have no choice but to make a choice.

“And” is the question that usually we unknowingly answer, What do I do with this?

It is the point between situation and our response where we choose what we do and how we do it.

Let’s face it.  Most of the things during our day that we experience and our response that follows are so subtle that it is a seamless fluid motion under our conscious radar.

But we have to remember that this natural fluid motion is a result of the way we have been trained… during our youth by our families or by ourselves as we got older.

The training we received was either good and healthy ways to respond or… not so good.

Everyone of us have patterns or old programming in our lives where we don’t handle situations well.

I don’t know your patterns, I just know mine.  I don’t know how you take things that happen in your daily life.

How do you tend to react to things?

  • Take things personally
  • Get defensive
  • Easily angered
  • Sarcastic and put down others
  • Critical
  • Become passive
  • Arrogant and superior
  • Automatically assume worst
  • Add your own


I don’t know what your response is but I do know this.  “And” is our point of freedom.  It is the freedom to choose our response to any given incident in our lives.  It is not easy making other choices but we are not doomed.

The girl with the tattooed arm made a choice about the message she received in her life.

On Thursday we will take a deeper dive into what we decide to believe.


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