The Path of Least Resistance


Hi there… beautiful picture isn’t it?

You might not see it at first glance, but there’s a lot for us to learn about life from the winding path of a meandering river. 

There is no question that a winding river can be very beautiful.  Interestingly, the river gets all the attention and accolades while all the time it is the terrain that is the sculptor of the river flow. 

The water of a river follows the contours of the land.  The rise and fall of the land creates a path for the river to follow. 

This is key:  It is a path that is predetermined before the water even begins to flow.  The river has no decision or choice as to where it goes or its speed.  All of this is dictated by the surroundings that currently exist.

The water simply flows along the path of least resistance.  It bows in deference to any point of resistance that is stronger and dutifully adjusts course.

Ok, I know that some of you are beginning to hyperventilate because you want to make sure that I not forget the power of water.  Don’t worry… I am not dissing water.

Yes, water can be extremely powerful and destructive, able to move rocks and destroy buildings.  It all depends on the amount and force of the water.  But what I have said earlier still holds true and is the focus of this blog. 

So what’s the learning for us?

Like the natural terrain of land there is also a terrain in life.  The terrain in our lives is based on things like our surroundings, experiences, beliefs.  Therefore, each of us, fairly or unfairly, faces our own distinct life terrain.

Like water… we flow and navigate the unique terrain assigned to us.  But unlike water we can choose what we do when faced with a point of resistance.

“The path of least resistance and least trouble is a mental rut already made. It requires troublesome work to undertake the alternation of old beliefs.”

            . – John Dewey

There are always decisions to be made.  Sometimes the choice is easy.  The contour of the land coincides with the life you desire and so you naturally and easily flow with the terrain.  These times where we follow the path of least resistance are joyous… yet all too rare.

Usually we are faced with the harder decision, the pressing against the forces that try to shape our destination. 

The accumulation of these small decisions ultimately make the greatest decision… the decision to let the natural terrain of life determine our path and destination, or do we decide.

There’s a lot to learn from a meandering river.  I hope I am worthy of its lesson.

See you Thursday.

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