The Rougher Path


Hello, me again.

Well, I think that I have spent enough time dissecting the quote tattooed on the arm of a girl.  I am sure that most of you are really happy that I finally got the tattoo thing out of my system.

So with that said, it’s time we hit the trail again.

Side Note: Huh?  What do you mean trail?

If you you’re wondering about the reference to hitting the trail, you’re either a newbie or your memory is on a down hill slide.

This blog was started as a journey for myself and I invited anyone who felt inclined, to join me for company.  Read the first couple of blogs and you will understand where I’m coming from.


As you can see by the picture I am working hard on this journey not to take the easy path.  I can guarantee you that writing this blog is not the easy path for me.

I am not a writer.  For some people writing is an effortless flow of words from the heart and head through their hands.

For me, I wrestle every time I write.  The words in my heart and head struggle to become a reality and find life.

I am not complaining, bragging or trying to get your sympathy.  I’m just letting you know that for me, this is the path I believe I am to take and I have chosen to do so.

It has been a good choice.  My life is fuller and more vibrant.

Here’s the powerful learning for me… taking a bold step may not change your situation or circumstances… but it does change you.

I am different, I feel it.

One of the sad realities of life is that people tend to spend most of their time and energy trying to change things around them.  The focus is on changing the situation or the people around them to conform to their wants and desires.

In life I have seen people tirelessly try to change their spouse, kids, boss, employees, work, church, club, friends… you name it.

The natural outcome is that anger and frustration grow and eventually only two options prevail… escape or change.

I have said for a long time and believe even more… Change affects change.  Because I am different things are different.  I work on me.

Let’s face it.  We all struggle with life stuff.  Frankly, I think most of us make the process much more difficult than it needs to be.

I can’t remember the exact situation but I was getting frustrated because what I was trying to do wasn’t working.  A phrase struck me that really helped.  It is a phrase I use often.

“I may not know what will work, but I know what doesn’t work.”


The reality of me needing to change crystallized.

So over the years I have spent more time trying to grow, learn and stretch myself.

Wow, the ride has been much more fun and rewarding.  I really wish it were something I learned sooner.

But I don’t focus on or bemoan lost time or missed opportunity… that is the thinking that sucks one into the black hole of self and sameness.  That is a dead end path.

Now for the big question, what does this mean for you, the reader?

It may not mean anything.  But if something stirred within or caused you to tilt your head in thought and question… great!

This means you are hearing a voice from beyond where you are calling you to explore.

I don’t know what step you are to take… but take one.

If faced with two options… take the bolder.

See you Thursday.

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