Not just for Rabbits


Hello, me again.

I know that I may sound weird saying this (well, weirder than usual), but I love the picture of the carrots.  I think it’s great.

It very simply illustrates one of the greatest joys and gifts that life offers… VARIETY.

Yes, you are correct.  I have gushed all over this topic before but the carrots just set me off again.

Side Note: Did you realize there are nearly 70 varieties of carrots.  Who would have guessed?  There is even a carrot museum in the UK.

Don’t worry, this blog is not going to be about carrots… but in case you’re interested the web site is


OK, enough with the carrots.  But I would like to poke around a little more about this variety thing because the picture of the carrots crystallized a new insight.

I realized that I am moved by the variety that comes from nature but not from variety that comes from human hand.  Yes, we humans have created an abundance of things to entertain us and enjoy.

I am not putting down the fact that we have over a 100 different flavors of soda, 210 cable channels, an endless selection of wallpaper, or 72 reality shows to choose from.  These are all fine… well, except for any of the Housewives reality shows… give me a break.

But nothing created by human hands stops me and causes me to stand in quiet awe as does the variety that is natural

I am moved when I see a hummingbird with feathers with different iridescent colors hovering at a feeder, or a new sunrise blasting an array of color across the sky, or a multitude of variety of spices for our pleasure, or even carrots.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am pleased we have a variety of things in life to choose from to make our life easier or more entertaining.  It’s just that nature is a different dimension.

I know the list is far from complete but here’s how I see the difference between man made variety and the natural variety by the hand of our Creator.

  • Human bombards the senses, natural soothes.
  • Human feels strangely hollow, natural possesses a sacred quality.
  • Human competes for our attention, natural is just there.
  • Human is forced on us, natural is quietly discovered.
  • Human encroaches in our lives, natural expands our lives.


Take a look around.  If you are open you will gain a newer and deeper appreciation of what we have gifted to us.

Hopefully you will see something that causes a moment of awe.

See you Thursday.  I gotta go to see if I can find some purple carrots.


The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.
-Felix Mendelssohn

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