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I have come to the conclusion that I am in a weird mood today.  I don’t know about you but some days just seem strange for no apparent reason.

As you will see very quickly, this blog entry will be a pretty good indicator of my weird mood.

The pictures of the old banners from strange sideshows strewn throughout this blog are a pretty good indicator of weirdness.  Or maybe the better indicators are the sequined flip flops, spandex tank top and New York Yankees ball cap that I am wearing.

Just kidding… just kidding… I don’t root for the Yankees.

Being in a weird mood is different than being weird.  I have a friend that says that people who write blogs are weird.  He says blog writers are narcissistic because they actually think people are interested in what they have to say.

Whew… I feel better now.

For a minute I thought I was a narcissistic weird person.  According to his definition I’m ok, because the reality is; I am not writing this blog for anyone else but me.

Side Note: Now I have to be totally honest here for a moment.  I will say that this blog thing is much more fun when people are hanging out with me.


But I have never been under the illusion that I have anything profound to say.  Writing makes me think and hopefully it makes you think and look at things a bit differently.

I wonder if my friend thinks that anyone who reads blogs is weird.

Just so you know, anyone who reads my blog, like yourself, is not weird… you may need a little more excitement in your life… but not weird.

But… then again… I’m not the one reading an obscure blog about a metaphorical journey after all.

Side Note: As you can see, I really have a unique way of building blog readership huh?  Here I am poking at people who read my blog.  Hopefully everyone has thick skin.


But seriously (but not for too long), the words weird, strange or odd are defined as something out of the ordinary of the individual making the judgment.

People are constantly making judgments and assessing some level of normalcy or oddity.  If something or someone slides too far down the person’s oddity scale then it is judged as strange or weird.

I once thought that it was weird for people to get a tattoo.  I don’t think it’s weird now.  I don’t fully understand all the reasons, but not understanding something is not a judgment.

Some people may think I am weird because I go to church regularly, buy Starbucks coffee or because I like to watch reality shows on TV… well, ok… I will give them the reality show judgment.

The point is, we think something is weird if it is outside our definition of normalcy.  Now there is no question that societal norms factor in the equation of what we define as normal, which is kinda scary.  But I don’t want to go there.  That is a bit more complicated and academic than I want to dig into today.

I hope that as you go through your week you will be more attuned to your oddity meter that assesses and judges people.

The interesting thing about assessing others is that it tells us more about ourselves than it does about the people we judge.

See you Monday.

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