The Meaning of Life


Wow, I sure know how to pick trivial topics don’t I?  What in the world am I thinking?

Don’t get your hopes up if you are expecting me to have the meaning of life for you… because I don’t.

I know what the meaning of life is for me but that doesn’t really help you now does it?  All I can do is encourage you to search.

I feel like Curly in the movie City Slickers.

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You have to search to find it.

People have been searching for the meaning of life since time began.  There have been thousands of attempts to explain and even more jokes and cartoons on the topic.

To me, the fact that people are searching at all says something important.  The compelling need to look beyond one’s self is an indicator of the very thing that gives meaning.

“More people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.”

- Viktor Frankl


If a person is searching for something we should turn to some experts on the topic.  And who better to turn to than Monty Python.

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I can’t embrace all of their beliefs about the soul but the fundamental truth is clear.  We tend to get easily distracted when it comes to Spiritual matters.

Did I mention that we started feeding hummingbirds?  Uh… excuse me… I got distracted.

If a person is truly seeking truth, they will search any path.  Unfortunately the human default tends to be trying to find meaning in the things of life that are shiny and exciting.

Strangely, searching in these areas deepens the craving for and the call to meaning.

“Human beings are the only animal species that runs faster when they are lost.”

- Rollo May


There is amazing peace and fulfillment when true meaning is found.

Just one other thing as I finish this blog.  For me, a significant part of the meaning of life, is to have a life of meaning.

See you Thursday. Ciao.

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