The “Why” to Where


Hello, thanks for hanging out with me again.

As you know I have been regularly writing about this metaphorical journey about growing as a person and going to new places in life.

So today I am back on the journey trail.  Hopefully I will say something that will cause you to tilt your head with a new thought or question.  If this happens, it is a good thing.

“Man’s mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes



I have become more and more passionate about this amazing journey of life.  There is so much for us to grasp and enjoy.  These are good things, deep things and fulfilling things.

Side Note: I am not talking about the cheap thrills of life that sparkle and titillate.  These are the types of things that enamor and trap people.

This is the “fool’s gold” of life.  Unfortunately this is where some people spend their lives digging and clawing for the worthless.


Some people may say that they are very satisfied with where they are and see no need to change, grow or move.

There has to be movement or else we stagnate.  Stagnation is a symptom of something dying.

We are meant to live, grow, learn, do, enjoy… right up to our dying breath.

Now here is an important “ah ha” for me.  To me, there is a big difference between contentment and satisfaction.  Satisfied feels motionless or fixed, whereas contentment to me is a state of being gratified, pleased and happy – but there is movement.

Contentment does not mean, nor should mean static.

Personally, I am very content, but not satisfied.   I am content with who I am but not satisfied with where I am.

Side Note: Hang with me.  I am sure this is feeling a bit obtuse.  But hopefully I will be able to make some sense of this.

Personally, I am anxious to see how I pull this together too.  I can’t wait to see.


A significant part of this contentment dynamic is tied directly to the title of today’s blog – The “Why” to Where.

It is critical to know the “why” behind our stepping out.

There may be lots of reasons for taking steps in a new direction.  But the multitude of reasons eventually settles into two fundamental and distinct categories.

Are we going “TO” or are we getting away “FROM”.  At first glance you may think that I am splitting hairs with these words but they are totally… I mean totally, totally different in their point of origin and motivation.

A few years ago a friend was considering a new job.  As we talked I asked him these two questions.  “What is driving the decision?”  “Are you going ‘to’ or getting away ‘from’”?

These questions force important soul searching.    “From” is a push motivator while “to” is a pull motivator.  There is a world of difference.

Yes, there are times where our focus is to get away “from”.  But “to” is the greater and more powerful.

“TO” is taking new ground while “FROM” is escaping old territory.

If your primary motivation for a journey is to get away from pain and/or discomfort then any destination free from these ills means you have arrived.

Whereas a journey of exploration and anticipation mean you never arrive.  There is always more to see and do.

This journey I have been on the past few years has been “TO” not “FROM”.

I am very, very content… but not a bit satisfied.

See you Monday.

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