Dreams caught in the headlights


Hi there.

I want to give you a quick heads up.  The blog entry today is a bit heavier than what I intended.

This morning when I started writing the blog I was going in a totally different direction.  But then I read something and my thoughts and fingers decided to go to a different place.

It is more vulnerable than I want to be but it is what it is.  Hopefully it will be thought provoking, but more importantly, challenging.

For some reason I was struck with an odd awareness of a deep reality.

It’s interesting how things are clearer looking back than forward.  The thought that caused me pause was this, I could have done a lot of things if I only thought I could.

When one is young, you can only look forward into the unknown and dream, never seeing true reality.

There is a difference between having a dream and believing a dream.  I had dreams like every other kid… I just never believed them.

In hindsight they were intangible visions that identified my wants and desires but eventually floated silently to the ground and smothered in the reality of my inadequacy.

I could be sad, bitter or even angry if I chose, but that is for those who decide to waste time and energy looking back.

Everyone has experienced those times when a memory of a dream past or opportunity lost has wiggled its way to the surface and we immediately brand it with the “if I knew then what I know now” idiom.

Dreams or opportunities of “what can be” are beyond the headlights.

Side Note: After reading the last sentence I am sure most of you tilted your head and said a questioning, huh?

Stick with me a bit longer.


In the dark, our headlights provide only limited visibility.  This is the world of the known.  Anything beyond the reach of the lights is the unknown.

I can stay where I am and live in the visible world.  It is only when one moves forward that what was previously invisible becomes visible… what was unknown is known.  It is by moving forward that we experience a different reality.

What was once seen as a dream or out of reach in the dark at some point is brought into sight.  These things only come into light because we moved.

I like to think of myself as a late bloomer.  Frankly, I would rather bloom late than never at all.

I have also learned not to second guess things.  First, it doesn’t change the present, and second, we don’t have all the information to make an accurate judgment.

It is easy to look back and stare directly into the headlights of “what if”.  No one knows what could have been different.  But I do know this… I cannot, MUST NOT, allow the past to corrupt the future.


“The only real misfortune, the only real tragedy, comes when we suffer without learning the lesson.”

-  Emmett Fox



The greater tragedy than a past lost opportunity is to loose this opportunity.  You may be wondering, what opportunity?

If you are moved by what I am writing then you too bear the marks of moments lost.  The stir you feel is the call to turn your eyes outward to “what can be”.

We must not have our focus on what is behind.  Everything must be brought into the present and challenge ourselves with what do I do now.

If you do… you move forward.


“Dear God,

I ain’t what I wanna be, and I ain’t what I’m gonna be,
and I sure ain’t what I oughta be.
But thank God I ain’t what I used to be!!!

- Gert Behanna


See you Monday.

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