It’s a Stop & Go Life


Howdy… good to have you hang out with me for a bit.

A couple of blog entries back I talked about the importance of movement… any movement.

Since that blog entry a couple of things have struck me about this whole issue of moving.

Many people get caught up into the issue of direction for their life.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think direction is critical.  I am really big on the issue of knowing where you want to go.

But here’s the simple truth… it doesn’t matter what direction you are facing if there is no movement.  You won’t get there anyway.


To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.
- Jerry Seinfeld


Yes, I know, pretty simplistic but true none-the-less.  Movement is primary and direction is secondary.

I met an executive one time that was hired to go into failing companies and turn them around.  He had a remarkable record of success.  I asked him the secret of his success.

Side Note: This fellow obviously had the basic raw material of intellect, business acumen, and chutzpa.


He without hesitation shared this principle.

“When I go into a failing business they are always floundering and directionless.  The first thing I do is, very strongly and emphatically, point them in a direction.  Many times it is not the right direction for the long-term but the people just need a direction and the push to get up and get moving.  I can change course later.  The important thing is to focus team and mobilize them.”



Chaotic action is preferable to orderly inaction.
- Will Rogers



I know that you have heard me say this at least a hundred times, but it is worth repeating.

“I don’t want to wake up five years from now and be where I am.”


There is something powerful in action.  Just starting… taking that first step releases something.  Sometimes I have an amazingly difficult time writing this blog.  Today was tough for some reason.

But forcing myself to… just start is the key.  I had no idea what direction I was going.  I just started.

Think about it for a moment.  When you push through the “last thing I want to do is do something” barrier, something is loosened.

When you take action in one small area it seems to positively impact other areas of your life.  People who start getting disciplined in one area seem to start making changes in other areas.

Some say that it’s just a natural principle.  Maybe, maybe not.  Personally I believe there is a Spiritual principle at work in all of this, but that is a topic for a different time.

One more point about this movement topic.

The powerful reality of movement… is that you get somewhere.

I ran across a thought provoking quote by William Stafford (1914-1993).  Stafford was a prolific and highly respected American poet.  When asked by a reporter how he began his career as a poet he said,


“I just kept on doing what everyone starts out doing. The real question is, why did other people stop?”


When you stop it’s difficult to regain momentum.

If you have stopped and need to get going again… take a step.  Join me on the journey.

See you on Monday.

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