Cowboy or Cowboy?


Howdy Partner.

I guess I am in a cowboy mood or something.  The greeting just popped out.  What’s really weird is that this cowboy thing had nothing to do with what I was planning to write about today.

What I can say is this, having a loose creative mind can be pretty entertaining if I say so myself.  I never know what is going bounce around in my brain.  It’s a blend of adventure and frustration.

Sometimes it’s tough getting all those undisciplined ideas corralled (uh… sorry for the amateurish cowboy reference… but then again I’m the new bull in the herd to this writing thing… ok… enough).

As I said, I was going to talk about something totally different but my head took off in another direction.  So I had to go back and change the title and pictures.

Side Note: The real cowboy picture is one that I took while on vacation.  The fellow in the picture was to the core… cowboy.  He was quiet, had a strong presence, comfortable in his natural character, and reluctant to have a picture made.

It was a great experience for my wife and I.


There is a phrase in Texas that sums up the difference between the two pictures.

All hat and no cattle.

Have you ever seen someone trying to be something they’re not?

There is a sad strange dynamic of obvious and oblivious at play.  To the observer it’s obvious, but to the want-to-be they are oblivious.

The really sad and scary thing is that all of us have been on both sides of the equation at some point in our life.

For the most part I think a lot of trying to be something you’re not is natural.  A person sees something that stirs, inspires or quite frankly simply appeals to them and they take steps to pursue the vision.

That’s not a bad thing at all.  It is these times of exploration where we discover who we are, what we like, and what we want.

Those of you who have been reading a while know that this exploration thing is really important to me.  You cannot have discovery without exploration.

But what is bad, is when a person ends up playing the role and never really finding themselves.  Their identity is a cardboard image… no depth, no reality.

From a distance the casual observer may not see the façade.  But as one gets closer the all hat and no cattle becomes obvious.

Unfortunately, to the cardboard cowboy,

they are oblivious to the reality that everyone sees.

So how do we find out who we are by exploring, but not get trapped in a lie?

We do it with a balance of risk and reality.

I will talk about that on Monday.

Evenin’ cowboy.

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