It ROCKS or It’s rocks?


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Well, I am doing something I thought I would never do again… I am going to use another quote from Charlie Sheen.

I know, I know…. I have no excuse.

What scares me is that I have crossed the line a few times the past couple of months.  I used a quote from Tony Robbins… and now Charlie Sheen… twice.

Now to all of you Tony Robbins fans, don’t get your shorts in a wad because I am cracking on him.

Well… maybe you should… because I just don’t like him, and I still think he’s creepy.  But I do have to give him credit for a good quote.

Side Note: If you want to know what his quote was… go back a few blogs and search for it.  I’m not going to pamper your lazy… rear (I really wanted to say ass but thought I should be kind to my blog friends) by providing it for you.

If you are new, just ignore my weirdness.  It grows on you after a while.


Now Charlie Sheen on the other hand is quite a different matter.  I am sure some of you are bothered that I am even giving him any attention.

I totally understand.  There is absolutely no question that he is the poster child for attention freaks and yes, here I am talking about him.

I get the feeling that Charlie Sheen is the Hollywood equivalent of a NASCAR race.  Everyone is sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting for the inevitable crash.

Unfortunately… he will crash.  It won’t be a pretty sight.

We have no control over the Charlie Sheens of the world.

The sad reality is, we all have Charlie Sheens in our lives.  We care about them but no amount of talking, helping or support will do any good.  They are blinded.

Hopefully when they crash some sanity will be restored.  Then maybe they will be open to the help.

Maybe a better question is, are you a Charlie Sheen?  But then again, usually Charlie’s don’t know they are Charlie’s.

Anyway, I don’t think the Charlie Sheens of the world would be caught dead reading a blog about life.

Now that I think about it, I bet I seem creepy to him.  Humm?

OK, back to the quote.  The quote that jump started my mind a whirling is something that is so foreign to my way of thinking.

“People say you have to work on your resentments. Yeah, no, I’m gonna hang onto them and they’re gonna fuel my attack.”
- Charlie Sheen



Sorry, but this type of thinking is so foreign to me.  I am sure that it is more common than I would like to believe, but it is still so foreign to me.

The really interesting thing to me is, Charlie Sheen prides himself on being his own person and unwilling to be controlled.

Strangely, his quote proves himself wrong.  You see, hanging on to resentments for him, or anyone for that matter, places the power in someone else’s hands.  In essence, the other person is controlling you.

Hanging on to stuff like that is a sack of rocks that takes its toll.

I like myself too much to put that much effort into something that drags me down.

I must say… Charlie is interesting, sad but interesting.

See you Monday.

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