Ouch… that will leave a mark!


Hi, me again.

I just returned home from a whirlwind weekend that included a party and Elvis, yes… Elvis.  I will talk about it sometime… but not today.

For some reason I sit here waiting for something profound to wiggle its way from the depths of my being and course through my fingertips on to the blank screen.

The blank screen calls me to write something, almost demanding but not arbitrary.

A blank screen (or sheet of paper) is to be filled with something.  Something that gives it its unique identity, and more importantly, its purpose.

Until something is on the blank page it is lost in the multitude of sameness, never to stand apart or in a greater sense… be used.

So here I sit, making weird shapes appear on the blank screen.  In and of themselves the individual squiggles I make are meaningless.

It is the order of squiggles that make all the difference.  It is how we arrange these marks which determine whether these random shapes will cause us to learn, laugh, and cry; or tilt our head in ignorance.

Llvad ou odnrae veu eya


You are valued and loved


Same letters… different arrangement.

One page may be used to carry a message of hope, encouragement and freedom that changes the lives of the reader.  While another page is burdened with meaningless blather and is relegated to the trash pile or destined into oblivion by the simple stroke of the “delete” key.

A blank sheet can be used for noble or ignoble purposes… it depends on the motives of the creator.

In a strange sort of way, a blank page is much like we humans.  We start out kind of like a blank page free from marks and clutter.

But as we live, life makes marks on us in the same way I make marks on this blank screen.


I have on occasion used the old fashion manual typewriters.  I press the key and it slammed into the page… leaving a mark.

Ouch!  If paper had feelings I am sure it would have hurt.  It hurts just like the life marks made on us at different times.

But there is a big difference between the blank page and the marks of our lives.

The blank sheet I am writing on for example is completely at my mercy.  It has no say in marks I make or the order of those marks.

We on the other hand do have some choices.  We cannot necessarily choose all the marks that have been slammed on our life.  But we can arrange the marks in a way that determines the outcome.

There is enough evidence to prove that different people have experienced similar life marks but have ended with totally different stories.

It all depends on how they arranged the marks.  That is the choice.

Do we allow our life marks to create their own ending or do we decide to rearrange the letters?

See you Thursday.


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