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Hi there, welcome back… bubble boy.

In case you’re wondering about this bubble boy nonsense you need to take a quick look at the last blog entry.  It will get you up to speed on all of this bubble stuff.

I may not know much, but I do know that you typically don’t want any sharp objects around bubbles or balloons.

You notice I said typically.  When it comes to fun stuff you don’t want anything to pop your bubble.  We have to guard and protect those things.

We tend to shy away from the sharp piercing things in life because, simply put, they hurt when you bump into them.  They destroy plans or upset your little world.

But there are times when sharp objects around your bubble may be the greatest gift you can ever receive.

Bubbles in reality are pretty fragile.  It doesn’t take much to poke a hole in our protective cover.

But here’s the scary part.  After years of protecting our fragile bubble something sinister begins to take place.

The bubble, without warning, gradually hardens and thickens.  What was once a delightful, colorful, bouncy bubble has slowly transformed into an opaque shell that entraps.

Where once a pin prick could shatter the confines of the bubble, it’s now mocked by its inability to cause enough discomfort or distraction for consideration.

What was once a nice comfortable place to protect ourselves has now become a narrow box that leaves us no room to grow or move.

I don’t know about you, but I have had my share of things that have trapped me over the years and I can tell you from experience… a simple pin prick is much more attractive and tolerable than the sledgehammer required to get someone out of their shell.

Some of you may be saying that you like your shell and you have no desire to get out of your familiar, predictable, tiny, narrow, box.

OK, suit yourself… but fair warning.  Life has a way of taking a sledgehammer to our world.  This is not life’s way of punishing us but releasing us.

Hopefully this blog is a little pin prick for some of you and pops your thin bouncy bubble.

For others, I hope this little speck of dust of a blog turns out to be a tiny seed.

Don’t giggle at the notion of a dust particle seed.  You never can tell what happens when those pesky seeds get inside.

See you Thursday.

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