Oh so tempting…!


Hi, Good to see you.

Do you like the picture?  Pretty descriptive huh?

Take a close look because, visually, it is a very accurate portrayal of what I am going to talk to you about.

Now the first thing you are probably thinking is that I am going to talk to you about being oblivious to the world around you and having your head buried in the sand… well… kinda… but not exactly.

I am going to talk about the other end of the anatomy.  Yep, you guessed it.

The person with their head buried in the sand is in perfect posture for a swift, well placed kick in the ass.

I don’t know about you but everyone… I mean everyone, needs a swift kick in the rear occasionally.

Let’s be honest for a moment.  Yes, it is important to support and empathize with people you care about.  It is during those times we want to encourage and hopefully motivate.  

Butt (sorry… I just had to do it) there are times when complacency has set in and inertia is the pattern. 

The person is well beyond the pat on the back, shot in the arm, kiss on the cheek stage.  The reality is… attention to another cheek is in order.

It is obvious that when a person has buried their head they are hiding from reality. 

But there is a sadder and scarier reality.  When a person’s head is buried in the sand there is no movement.  You atrophy and die when there is no movement.

The goal is movement.  You can’t steer a parked car.

I have said this many times and of course I will say it again…

Progress not perfection


There is no progress without movement. 

Someone needs to love us enough to get us moving.  It’s not pleasant, but my oh my, it is life giving.

Now here’s the tricky part for me.  How do I kick you in the rear when you need it?  How do I stir you to action with a blog?

I could make fun of you – You’re ugly and you dress funny.

But that doesn’t do much good… except make me laugh. 

Since I am not there to take you by the ear and guide you to the next step… I challenge you.

I have no idea what has been stirring around inside of you that you need to act on.  But DO IT!!!

There is something that comes to mind that you have been hiding from and now is the time. 

So before you make me put on my kicking boots, do what you know you should do.

I don’t know what it is… but you do.  Maybe it is to make that call, or the apology that is long over due, possibly it’s to write a letter, or apply for that new job, or end the relationship, or to get off your ass and begin the exercise program.

I am excited to see what you end up doing.

I hope to see you Monday.

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