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Welcome back.

I wasn’t too sure if you would show up after I threatened to put on my kicking boots in the last blog entry.

If I say so myself… they are pretty impressive kicking boots (picture in previous blog entry).  If someone approached you wearing those boots it would most definitely make your butt pucker.

As most of you know, I am generally a feel good, encouraging kind of guy.  But for what ever reason, over the last couple of months I have felt the need to drive home the need for action.

If you start pushing people (myself included) you begin walking a fine line between motivating a person to action and causing them to dig in their heels.

No one likes to be pushed (I sure don’t).  But a shove into the deep end of the pool is necessary sometimes.

Until a person gets to the point where they are self motivated, a push by a person who cares is a God send.  So I care enough to push… maybe not hard enough or specific enough… but I am trying.

The reality is, everyone wants more.  I am not talking about more stuff or money.  I am talking about more out of life.  Everyone wants more and I will prove it.

Side Note: A lot of you hate it when people make generalizations like the one I made in the previous sentence.  I felt the hackles on your neck raise and I heard some of you say, how does he know?  Not everyone feels the need for more out of life!

OK… maybe there is someone somewhere but I just had to tweak your nose a bit to make a point.



“All generalizations are false… even this one.”

- Mark Twain



I prove my point not to be snotty or arrogant. I do so to help pierce the shell of the status quo.  But none-the-less I will prove my statement.

I prove my point with a simple question.

What would you attempt, if you knew you wouldn’t fail?


Everyone wants more… if they believed it were a possibility.

I would write that book, open that business, move to another place, try that career, touch those lives, get that degree, etc., etc., etc.

This is the sad reality.  Life and life experiences have a way of slowly smothering the more in life.  The embers remain but they are covered by the cold hard surface.

My goal is to poke a hole in the encrusted surface and fan the embers into a flame.  Hopefully something begins to burn deep within.

Hope is oxygen for the flame.  The possibility of something, provides hope which breaths life into a dying flame.

Whether you feel like it or not… things are not dead for you.  There are possibilities if we believe it and are willing to be bold enough to take a step.

Personally, I want to be a person of hope.  I not only want to continually believe there is more for me but to be a purveyor of HOPE.  How cool is that?

This James Thurber quote from one of his writings is how I want to be.

.“He was always leaning forward, pushing something invisible ahead of him.”


Ciao, see you Thursday.

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