The best plans… scattered by the wind!


Wow, have you ever had a day that is all planned out and you think it’s going to be pretty predictable and then… slam!?  That was my day yesterday.

I had my day all planned out to my liking.  Yesterday morning was nice and leisurely with the expectation of heading to the office, write my blog, handle some client needs, and finish the day early with a couple of easy meetings.

Well, it is Friday morning about 7:30 and I am just now writing my blog.

Most plans are just inaccurate predictions.

.                                                           -  Ben Bayol


In reference to the quote above, I say… how true… how true.

As I reflect on yesterday morning I am experiencing an eerie awareness.  It’s the kind of awareness that only comes from the hindsight of reality.

My eerie awareness is that although I didn’t realize it at the time, I possessed a subtle smugness that everything was under control.

I am not talking about a cocky arrogance that proclaims to life that “I am in control”!  No… not at all.

It is the type subtle smugness below the level of consciousness that quietly seeps in when we forget that life has a way of surprising us.

Yes, there is no question we can influence and impact the little world we live in… our little bubble.

But as we all know (but too easily forget) forces beyond us can take our feeble little plans and casually toss them into the wind to be scattered into oblivion.

In essence, we cannot control our life and plans… only manage them.

Thank goodness, the disruption of my plans yesterday was in reality just life clutter not a boulder dumped in my lap.

My life clutter yesterday was the proverbial domino effect – my car breaks down (in the rain), the towing, dealing with the garage, meetings changing, client demands, etc.


What I am pleased about, in hindsight, is that I handled the disruptions pretty calmly and unfrazzled.  I pretty much saw it as the “what is” and went about my day.

I can’t say that I have always been… shall we say… calm when life alters our all important plans.

I hate to admit it, but I have gotten pretty pissy when something as simple as someone pulling in front of me disrupting my plan to catch the light.   Sad.. but true.

As I said earlier, the stuff I experienced yesterday was just life clutter.

My wife and I often say, life is full of surprises.  In other words… don’t hang on too tightly to what you have and what you plan because there are no guarantees.

Yes, we are to make plans, set goals, and pursue our dreams.  We are to step out boldly toward the things we want.

But we must never let the pursuit be our purpose.  The plans, actions, and goals are just the visible path to our purpose.

As we all know… our visible path is easily disrupted or even blocked.

We have one of two choices when this occurs.

Our first option is to hold loosely to the plans we make and flow with the adventure of life changes.

The second choice is to tie ourselves to our plans.  But fair warning… you will get the crap beat out of you when the winds of life start to blow and toss your plans all over the place.

Like everything in life… our choice.

For me I’ll take an adventure over a butt whipping any day.

Ciao… see you Monday.

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