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Hello again.  I am glad you decided to hang out with me.

In the last couple of blogs I have been talking about a recent Spiritual insight.  It is regarding the love of God and how he sees his children.  If you haven’t read them I encourage you to take a quick look.

In the last entry I talked about God seeing us as perfect even though we are imperfect. 

On some level I have believed this in my head but couldn’t quite get it to my heart.  Conceptually I knew that God sees us as perfect because of Christ but still struggled at times because I could still see all of my imperfections. 


The reality of God seeing us as perfect expanded significantly, and dramatically moved closer to my heart after the encounter with the mother and five year old daughter that I wrote about two entries back.

I have always heard that the longest journey is from the head to the heart.  This is not only true in spiritual matters but in all facets of life.


There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.
-  Charles Dickens

.Our heads are continually being bombarded with thoughts, ideas, information and data. 

We can learn, theorize and speculate about all sorts of stuff.  The more information we have the greater the likelihood of being deceived that one is an expert or truly knowledgeable about something in particular.

Side Note:  I will use a lot of societal or earthly examples to try to impart a spiritual truth.  They of course will all fall short.  But the core concept is sound.


Take something as innocuous as the sport of golf.  I can read books, watch videos, try to channel Tiger, even play a few rounds.  I have the head knowledge but it isn’t realized in actuality.

Most who golf –are not golfers; most who paint – are not artists; most who build – are not craftsmen; most who cook – are not chefs.

The journey from the head to the heart is a journey of dedication, commitment, trial and error, openness and vulnerability.  

It is a journey of struggle and transformation.

I believe that information and theory never gently flows from the head to the inner being, nor can it be imposed.  It is rewarded.


“We must work out what God has put in.”

- Oswald Chambers


I have referred to the following illustration before but it fits so well with this topic.

The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is a journey of struggle. 

The slow, low caterpillar grinds his way through life and eventually builds and entraps himself in a cocoon.    

When the right time has come, he begins to push the confines of the walls he built. 

The struggle begins.  There can be no stopping, and most importantly, he can receive no help. 

You see, it is the struggle that forces the fluids and strength to the extremities that enables the butterfly to fly.  

We have all had those moments in life, relationships, with hobbies where we finally say, “I get it, I get it!”

The concepts and information are internalized and become real.  One knows that they haven’t mastered it, but also knows that they are experiencing it on a totally different level.

But there is another element to this spiritual insight.

One believes it – but do they receive it?

See you Thursday.

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