Deceive or Receive?


Welcome back… that is… assuming you’ve been here before. 

Nice picture huh?  I know it’s weird but believe it or not… it applies to the topic.

Over the last few entries I have been unpacking a remarkable “Ah Ha” that I experienced a few weeks back.

Last time we talked about the struggle of getting things from the head to the heart and ended with a statement and a question. 

I said, “Some people believe it, but do they receive it?”

Yes, I realize this may be a bit confusing but let me take it apart and attempt to put it back together.

First, I feel the need to define the word “receive”.

I checked the dictionary and as you would expect there were several definitions.  The initial definition was pretty good for my purposes and others fell short. 

The definitions that didn’t fit, primarily dealt with examples like receiving a letter, instructions, etc.  It focused more on the offering of something than the actual receiving.

The one that did fit pretty well was – “To take into ones possession.”  But it is still missing the real point I am trying to take.

My definition is talking about receiving something intangible like a thought, idea or insight vs. something tangible like a gift or letter. 

The type of “Receive” I am talking about is when someone takes in something (an insight as an example) an makes it a part of them.

Lots of people hear things, are told things, are taught things, believe facts and it just passes through.  But when you hear something and you take it in and it becomes a part of you… that is receiving.

A Sobering Question

Why is it easier for most people to receive (take in) an insult and find it more difficult to receive (take in) a compliment? 

We hear compliments… maybe believe it to some degree… but we don’t actually receive it (take in to our being). 

Where as, we perceive something as a slight or insult and we humans tend to immediately believe it and take it in.

It is not he who reviles or strikes you who insults you, but your opinion that these things are insulting.
- Epictetus


It’s sad but true.  Unfortunately it seems our natural default is to believe and receive negative messages much more readily than the positive.

Think about it.  What are you personally more likely to believe and take in (receive)? 

Why is that? 

Personally (now I am going to sound really religious – don’t let it scare you), I believe that because the world is fallen, the evil one will do anything to keep us from the fullness of what a loving father wants for his children.

Now back to what started this series of blog entries.

A loving mother can see her daughter as perfect (even with imperfections).  If she, an earthly mother can do so, then God our father does even more.

I have known and believed this truth on one level, but found it difficult to receive (take in to the core of my being) it to the full. 

I’m not there totally but my oh my, what a joy to know that God loves us in spite of our imperfections.

I hope you see you again on Monday.


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