Files or Piles?


Howdy, welcome to the last blog of 2011.

It’s hard to believe, but in a couple of days 2011 will be over and then it becomes another year that is tossed on the pile of memories in the corner of our minds.

Well… at least in my mind.  Some people are filers of memories; others are pilers… obviously… I’m a piler.

Of course (being a piler) I contend that heaping memories together is far better than filing them.

Before I begin my amazingly articulate discourse heralding the benefits of piling vs. filing memories, allow me first to qualify my thoughts.

Just so you know, for all you filers out there, I am not anti-filing.  There are some wonderful applications and important need for filing.

Having good filing skills and systems allows you to find things easily and keep track of stuff in a tidy organize manner.

Filing is a very good thing… for stuff NOT memories.

I tend to believe that memories are more organic in nature.

By heaping my memories into the corner of my mind they in essence become a mental compost pile.  Compost used to fertilize the future.

Something amazing begins to happen when our memories, both good and bad, are thrown in a pile in the corner heaped year upon year.

The power of the process is piling all the stuff together, not keeping them in their tidy separate space.

If allowed, the mish mash of memories slowly begins to break down and deteriorate into fertile soil… soil perfect for growing things.

Now before I go much further, I can hear all you filers out there getting all riled up because you like to periodically take those pleasant memories out of their little files and reminisce and relive those moments.

I understand that… on one level.  But keep in mind one sobering reality.  By keeping the good memories separate, which is necessary for filing, it never allows for the bad things to die.

The bad things are suspended in time, never fading, and continuing to bring harm.

It is natural to want to protect the good from the bad.

But here is the wonderful paradox.  The bad does not contaminate the good in this scenario, but that the good deteriorates the bad.



Over time, the memory compost pile produces good soil for you to experience more fruit in your life.  If handled well, the good and bad make life better and more rewarding.

By keeping all those good and bad memories filed away you never realize the fullness available.  Because the bad is never absorbed by the the good.

So as 2011 comes to an end I reflect and reminisce.

I must say, 2011 has been a great year.  I feel very blessed.

But at mid-night on New Year’s Eve I will eagerly toss 2011 into my memory compost pile and get ready for 2012.

It should be a good year.  I am up to my ankles in fertile soil.

Ciao… see you next year.

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