The Big Question

I had planned to write something else today but a comment made by Kathy raised some important insights that deserve a little more attention.

Side Note: I bet some of you are expecting me to provide Kathy’s comment here.  I’m not going to pamper your pansy butts.  No way.  You’ve got to look it up yourself.  I want to keep you fit to continue the journey.

To read Kathy’s comment all you have to do is move your curser over to the right of the blog page to Recent Comments.  Then with just a little double click on “The Wall” next Kathy’s name you’ll have it.

Now to comment on what Kathy said… I think Kathy is right.  New Yorkers are rude and egocentric.

Side Note Again: If your head is tilted wondering what in the world I am writing it means that you have read Kathy’s comment.  Kudos to you.

If your head wasn’t twisting then it means that you haven’t read the comment because you didn’t know any better.

So… read the comment.  The rest of us are going to keep moving and you will need to catch up with us.

Side note to the side note: If you happen to be a New Yorker don’t be offended.  I really really like New York and New Yorkers.  I figured you had thick enough skin to help me jab my pansy butt friends.

Okay, now to the blog.

You’re right Kathy.  It’s sad but true, there are too few Myrties in the world.  And you are also right in that people have to discover for themselves that there is always more to life beyond where they currently are.

It’s hurtful to see those we love living below the joys available and we feel impotent as to how to help.

The big question is WHY?  Why are there so few Myrties?

I think there are several reasons and some too complex to adequately address and maybe futile to explore.  But I will give it a go with a couple of thoughts to stimulate thinking.

From birth we are being programmed.  Society bombards us from birth that our adequacy and meaning is centered around a deceptive trio of “A’s” Accomplishment, Attainment, and Approval.

Side Note: Let’s be clear… there is nothing wrong with having great accomplishments, attaining wonderful unique things and having people’s approval.

The issue is believing the lie that these things determine our worth or meaning.

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning know that I struggled with the need of approval.  I can assure you that pursuing any or all of the three “A’s” leads to a self imposed bondage.  If the “A’s” are your pursuit you are never free.  Any of you reading this blog who have struggled with any of the three “A’s” know how burdensome it can be.

But if we are paying attention, there is a voice calling us to better things (blog # 2).  This voice from around the corner is a voice of freedom.  This journey I have embarked upon is very liberating.

I believe to the core of my being that we all live so far below what God wants for us and has for us in this life.  There is more depth, breadth, and height and especially freedom to life

How do we become free and in turn help those stuck in the hole?  We must live a life that listens for the voice from around the corner that beckons us to something more.  We must be willing to take a risk and step out.

I would like to know why you think there are so few Myrties.  Any thoughts?

(Some of you may be wondering, Myrtie who?  I introduced Myrtie in the last blog entitled Over the Hill.)

Talk with you early next week.


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  1. Thank you Kathy for stirring Jerry up…I personally love the journey – especially the getting older bit. Things seem to get clearer and more possibilites open up. One thing Jerry said hit me big time…”there is more I can contribute…” How satisfying is that!

  2. Hi Jerry! I believe there’s a Myrtie in all of us. That hidden part of the seed that if you can break through the hull of a limiting belief about yourself (die in a way), than you really sprout! I read recently about the oldest seed ever found that was buried in resin. They freed it and planted it and it sprouted and grew just like new!! Age doesn’t limit our true DNA or what God has put in us. Cool huh?

  3. I could not have articulated it better. I too believe we all have the seed inside. Thanks for your comment.

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