Hold on loosely for the tightest grip


Yes, I know that it’s a weird title.  But it’s true… all too true.

My wife and I have often used the phrase, “Life is full of surprises”.

We are barely one week into 2012 and already we are hit with a miracle of life and an unexpected tragic death.

Life can change in an instant.  And when life happens, plans are irrelevant.



“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
-Dwight D Eisenhower



There is no question that we are to make plans in our lives… be intentional.  Far too many people live by default and just let life float and evolve.  And then they wake up at the age 65 and wonder what the hell happened.

You can plan all you want but… life happens.

The fact that there are no guarantees in life reality scares a lot of people.  I understand why, but we can’t allow ourselves to run scared.

It’s amazing how miserable you can make your life by running scared about the possible things that can happen.


“I am an old man and I have known a great many troubles… but most of them never happened.”

- Mark Twain


That’s why I have found that my firmest grip on life when I hold it loosely.

This may be a strange thing to say but the same principle is true with love.  To experience love to the fullest we must be very intentional, and hold if very loosely.

Love dies when gripped too hard.  We squeeze the life out of the thing we long for.

Like love, I want to experience life to the fullest that God intended.  And a life, like love, experienced to the fullest is salted with both the amazing peaks of joy and excitement… and the deep valleys of hurt and pain.

So because of life’s surprises my plans for the week are totally out the window.  I have to travel to be with family and for a funeral.  Funerals are not for the dead but the living.

I guess that’s why through out the Bible you see phrases like “weep with those that weep, rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those that mourn.”

If my wife were here she would be telling me that this entry is a downer.  It is not meant to be at all.

In the beginning of the blog I mentioned a life and a death.

On Thursday I will talk about the happiness we have experienced with the joy of life.


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