A Double Sided Coin


Hi, good to see you again.

In the last blog entry I talked about small words.  I’m talking about really small simple words like A, The, If, In, etc.

I made the bold statement (which I still stick with) that these words are life changing, literally life changing.

Unfortunately, these powerful simple words have tended to get lost in the flurry of sophisticated, multi syllable, impress your cubicle neighbor, MENZA stumping, uppity societal terminology.

I illustrated my point by focusing on the word “If”.                      

“IF” – This simple, two letter, one syllable word holds the world of possibilities.

I mentioned that this little word either propels us forward or traps us.  It all depends on which adjoining word we use with “If”… What or Only.

“What” is a question that naturally begs for an answer and “Only” is a statement of singular purpose.

We are going to unpack “What if” today and then spend some time in the next blog entry on Thursday on “Only if”.


My, my, the world of possibilities this question poses. 

“What if” is future focused.  This simple question allows us to reach our hand from our current space into the future.

Sounds great… but it depends on what you are reaching for.  Like the picture above, there are two ways to look at this.

This “what if” question can go in one of two directions.  Both directions are future focused but one is positive, exciting, and life breathing, while the other can and will suck the very life out of the marrow in your bones.

It’s sad to say, but some people spend an inordinate amount of energy looking at the negative possibilities of “What if”.

In blogs in the past I have spent good bit of time on this topic so I won’t beat it to death.  But let’s just say, some people have allowed themselves to be trapped in the past by “Only  if” while others are trapped in emotional quicksand.

The negative “what if’s” slowly suffocate the opportunities of the positive “what if’s”.

We all know people who hang out in one of these camp sites. 

One camp worries about everything and paranoia is their companion.  The other camp knows the realities of the present and potential dangers of the future but focus on the “what can be”.

Wow… I believe that… the beauty of “what can be”.

There are possibilities that are out there for us beyond our wildest imagination.  If (there you go… the “If” word) you believe there is something good out there and believe it is for you.

I am not talking about feel good, pie in the sky, ten affirmations daily, formula’s for success.  But I am talking about our choice to choose the direction that breaths life and hope.

It would be nice if some questions were popping into your mind after reading this.

The types of questions you ask will tell you a lot about  yourself.  Are you asking questions like these?

  • What if… this guy is right? 
  • What if… I was to drop off some my old thinking that traps me? 
  • What if… I could (fill in the blank)?

These are “what if”  questions that propel you forward. 

On Thursday we will take a look at the other side of the coin.

See you then.

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