I’ve Decided to be Indecisive


Yes, I am a day late with my blog entry.  Sorry about that.

I started this blog about ten times on ten different topics.  All of them were totally lame.

So as you can see by the picture and title, I finally decided to write about indecision.


“The highways of life are full of flat squirrels who couldn’t make up their minds.”

-          Unknown

What I thought was going to be a fun, light topic to just poke at and possibly entertain myself (and hopefully you), has turned into a remarkably serious topic… Indecision.

We all fall somewhere on the decision – indecision continuum.  And let’s face it; we all have times of indecision.

But if we are honest with ourselves we all tend to lean on one direction or the other… one who tends to put off decisions or one who makes decisions quickly.


I’ve never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.
- Alan Rickman (aka Snape of Harry Potter fame)


So, what’s your tendency?  I hope you do not lean toward indecision.

I think we all agree that being able to make quick sound decisions are important for success.  What I don’t think we realize is how destructive indecision can be.

Indecision is not only destructive, but dangerous.  Just ask a squirrel.

In all honesty, squirrel jokes are about the only fun or light thing I can make of the topic of indecision.



There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.
- William James



The quote above is a pretty strong statement.  I don’t know if I go quite as far as saying that “there is no more miserable human being” but I believe the basic premise to be spot on.

But here’s the seriousness of the matter.  Life is not static.  It is in motion… constant motion… like a car moving down the road while the squirrel is dancing back and forth trying to make up its mind.

Unlike the car that tries to swerve or stop, life will not break for you.  We have to be able to make up our mind and move. 

If you don’t make a decision and move you become the roadkill on life’s road.


I, like you, don’t want to make a mistake.  I think that’s natural.

Not making a decision because of fear of making a mistake… is a mistake.

If you make thoughtful choices quickly (I’m not talking about knee jerk decisions) you have many more options to choose from.

The longer you wait, your options are diminished.  And if you wait long enough the decision is made for you because there are no other choices.

Then you can salve your psyche with the rationalization that failure wasn’t your fault because circumstances dictated the action.



Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.
- George Canning


So I’m going to ask you a pretty heavy, yet important question.

What decision should you make today that you have been putting off?


You notice I said should make and not need to make.

If I said need, some of you would justify not making a decision because its not at a NEED point.  Should is a different matter.

Some of you reading this know exactly what I mean.  There is something pressing and you know you should make a decision.

This may sound odd, but I encourage you to make a decision about making a decision.

I’m serious.  I was not trying to use a silly play on words.

Make a decision today about making a decision.

Since we are talking about decisions, I hope you decide to visit me again on Monday.


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