How It Started

Amazing… nearly two months into this blog thing.  It may not be amazing to you but it sure is to me. 

Some may be wondering how the blog idea began tumbling around inside of me.  This past summer was when the idea emerged and the steps began. 

What I am about to do is a risk… a BIG risk.  I am going to share an entry that I made in my journal in August of this year.  It give a pretty clear sense of the impetus for this journey.  Hopefully it will help some of you who are considering a journey of your own.

My Journal


“Get up”, this is what Jesus said to the man beside the pool.  A man who for over 30 years was waiting to be healed.

Jesus’ request was a simple request for a person that is whole, but not simple from the standpoint of a cripple.

But he took Jesus at his word and stood up.

I tend to believe we are all crippled and maimed is some way.  The world, life, satan have taken its toll on humanity and we bear the marks of Sin in the world.  We are crippled in ways of which we are totally unaware.

But in faith I get up today.  I get up by writing today.  The first step on a journey that from every natural measure I am not equipped for or capable of doing.  I get up.

I get up and take a step.  Albeit feeble, weak and meek… I step.

I must not worry about falling.  No one may never read my work.  But I write

Not to be read but to please my Lord and because He asked me to get up.

It’s not like He hasn’t asked a thousand times before.  It’s just that now… I am finally finished with living the life of a cripple.  I can beat myself up for not moving sooner but that thinking is the thinking of a cripple.  Always beating ones self and adding to the load that weighs you down.

So with my eyes fixed on Him… I step. 

Full focus and attention on Him.  Circumstances will clamor for my glance.  But if I glance I will notice the perceived realities of my inadequacy and all the odds against me.

Very much like Peter who stepped out of the boat to walk to Jesus on the water, with his eyes fixed he moved forward, but as he noticed the wind and storm he sank.

I get up, I step out, I write, and my eyes are fixed on Thee.


I hope this helps some of my fellow journey friends.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. I love the story of the cripple and Jesus saying “Get up.” Your interpretation makes so much sense to me but I had never thought of the story like that before. I am crippled, too. And I have learned that keeping my eyes on Jesus keeps me from being afraid.
    I want to encourage you. Keep writing. I look forward to reading. I receive something of value to me on my journey. Thank you!

  2. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for joining me.

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