Divine Comedy or Comedy is Divine



First, to all of you who took your time to read my last blog entry… sorry.  Yes, it was pretty lame.  Hopefully there were a couple of chuckles.


Laughter is an instant vacation.

Milton Berle


I love humor… it’s just that some stuff is not funny.  Have you ever known a person who thought they were funny but in reality they were just goofy?

Side Note: Please… no reference to my last blog!


There is another way to look at the goofy person who, in your opinion, tries to be funny.  Maybe the person really is funny and… guess what?… maybe you’re the goofy one.  Just a thought.

This may sound very strange to you, but I see humor as being very Spiritual.  Yes… Spiritual.


I believe that laughter is a language of God and that we can all live happily ever laughter.

- Yakov Smirnoff


If you are a regular reader you know that God, and having a relationship with Him, is the center point of my life.  You also know that I don’t preach to you or try to make you believe as the way I do.  But I digress.

I have known (and believe) that God is Love, Spirit, power and all sorts of mighty things beyond our feeble ability to fully grasp or understand.

But interestingly enough I believe there are things on a secondary level that are the essence of the nature of God that we tend to overlook.  I am talking about things that make life unbelievably joyous and meaningful.

For example, humor, music and creativity (the Arts) to name a few.

Here’s some of my reasoning.  I have noticed that certain things have amazing power to move people; mighty things that touch us in deep ways.

These are gifts to all His creation to enjoy.  And because they are from God and the essence of who He is… they are powerful.

Even to the atheist things like music, creativity and humor seem to have a mystical quality that transports us to a different level.

But like anything that has power, these good things are exploited for evil.  Oddly, this is another reason that tells me these are God things.

As you can see, humor is Spiritual to me.

The fact is, God is funny.  I’m serious, He’s really funny.  I have no question that He loves a good laugh and loves seeing us laugh… what joy!


There’s something about these pictures of laughter that is soothing, huh?


“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”

- Mark Twain

There is power in humor, joy in smiles and healing in laughter.  Humm… looks pretty DIVINE to me.

See you Thursday.

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