Double, Double Toil & Trouble


Welcome back.

Sorry, but today is a vent day.  Those of you who read me regularly know that venting is not my thing.


Side note: My wife read the draft of this blog and said that I sound really angry.  After reading it I guess I do sound angrier than I am.

But since I’m too lazy to soften it, I ask you to please read this with your indoor voice and not your outside voice.

Ok, now to the angry blather of a blog writer.


But I have to do something or my head will explode.  I don’t know about you but the news media makes me crazy.  And this is especially true during an election cycle.

Don’t worry; I am not going to talk politics.

When it comes to politicians and the media it doesn’t matter where you happen to nest on the political spectrum… they all are the same.

Somehow they believe they are the only ones who have a handle on the truth and the big picture while we, the public, are naïve hapless children who don’t understand important stuff.

It is sort of like when you were a child and the parents were talking in hushed tones about “adult” stuff.  Invariably one of us kids would innocently ask a question about what they were talking about and the response would be universally the same.

First there would be a quick irritated glance with the, don’t bother me kid look.  And immediately these words would pop out their mouths, “Not now (insert name), you wouldn’t understand.”

With that said they would just as quickly turn back around and reengage in the conversation meant only for those who understand such things and have the maturity and insight for loftier matters.

The attitude by the media and politicians that we children do not understand is just the beginning.  This is the base or foundation for a poisonous witches brew.

All you need are three other ingredients to complete the recipe that fills the cauldron with a toxic cocktail of information for the public to consume.

First you have politicians who feel they hold the scepter of truth and possess the only view of the world.  To really spice it up all you need is to throw in egos and lust for power… of which there is an ample supply.

Secondly, you have the media (they of sufficient insight and intellect) who believe that we children cannot make sense of all the politicians’ puffery.

Therefore only they can interpret such wisdom and insights and must feed us the political and social information in a manner that we can understand on our level.


All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.

- Will Rogers


And finally we must add the final element that whirls all the poisonous components into a frothy mess… SPIN.

We never get anything straight from anyone… there is always spin.


Don’t confuse the issue with facts.

- Me


We all know that anyone can tell any story by choosing select facts.  The politicians and media types are spin masters.

Here lies the saddest part of the story.  I get the feeling that they glory, gloat, brag, puff up, and relish in a well spun story more than the revelation of truth and reality.

I have every confidence in the American people.  I believe fully that if given real uncluttered information we can make wise and good decisions.

Yes, as you can see I am venting.  It gripes my butt when all of these politicians and media types treat us like children.

I think I’ll just go in the corner and pout for a while.

See you Monday.

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