Cultivate or Assembly Line


Yep… me again… it must be a Monday or Thursday.

Here I am pecking away on my trusty computer keyboard praying that something worthwhile will somehow wiggle its way out of the gray matter and eventually flow through my fingertips on to the keys.


Dance fingers dance.



I find that it’s pretty easy to get my fingers to dance; it’s getting them to say something meaningful that’s the challenge.

What’s really frustrating is that something meaningful and creative cannot be forced.

Isn’t that fairly reflective of life?

The things that seem the most rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful are things you cannot force.  One can only create the environment and remove the clutter allowing these wonderful things to become a reality.

In fact, trying to force something typically hinders the very thing you want.

I’m sorry if I get a bit too philosophical but… here goes.

First, I have found that most things in life tend to fall into one of two categories.  There are things that tend to be fluid (organic) and things that are more linear (mechanical).  Yes, these are interwoven and seemingly inseparable but distinct none-the-less.

Secondly, I find that we naturally tend to be better at understanding and managing one over the other.

And thirdly (and here’s the trap if not careful), we try to navigate or manage both categories to the direction of our strength.

Yes, it’s logical to gravitate toward the direction that we are naturally gifted.  But to be successful we must understand, learn and approach the fluid and non-fluid totally differently.

How do we approach these two aspects of life?  I don’t mean to overly simplify the complexity of these two categories but in broad terms our approach is this.  Dealing with things that are fluid we must think in terms of being effective, with linear things we must think in terms of  efficiency.

Efficient vs. Effective

This is a pretty good delineation of how to approach most things of life.

For example, you must be efficient with things and effective with people.

As I said earlier, things that are fluid tend to be more organic, living, and evolving.  Relationships are a perfect illustration.

To prove my point, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever tried to be efficient with a teenager?  How did that work for you?

When we try to force fluid things it gets really really messy.  Conversely, when we allow too much looseness and flexibility with a system, that too gets very very messy.

I think that this is worth digging into over the next couple of blogs.

Hopefully I can be effective in talking with you and motivate you to come back to visit.  I will provide some real world examples that I believe you will find helpful.

Also, I will toss in some fun stuff to not make it too dry or boring.

Or I could try to be efficient and just tell you that you need to read this and your time to read this is Thursday at 10:00.

Uhhh… I could feel some of you just cringe.

Hey, I hope you check in.  I would love to have you visit.


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