Jump Off or Hang On?


Howdy, it’s nice to have you visit.

Well… if you read the last blog you know that I am taking a sharp turn to the left.


Side Note: In case you are wondering, this is a metaphorical turn to the left not  political.


In the last blog I waxed eloquent on the difference between Effectiveness and Efficiency.  And toward the end of the blog I mentioned that I thought it was worthy of a couple of more blog entries.

Wow!  What was I thinking?

As I was typing away I almost fell asleep.  Man was it boring.

I don’t know where my head was to believe a discourse on efficiency was going to be interesting enough for someone to read.

So instead I will use the opportunity to make a different “life point”.

At first when I considered scrapping the topic (which I had already announced) it crossed my mind that I was running from something.  Something hard or difficult.

I never want to be one who runs from difficulty.  And I especially don’t want to leave something that I had made a commitment too.

So when confronted with a problem in life we have one of two productive alternatives.  First, push through the difficulty and press on; or have enough sense to know it isn’t a good decision and make a change early.

Historically I probably hang on too long.  That tends to be a flat spot for me.  Other people’s flat spot may be that they jump ship too soon.

Both have their consequences if carried too far.  And both have amazing reward if executed correctly.

I could have continued the topic out of obligation and commitment and the results would have been an unsatisfied writer and a very bored and disinterested reader.

The remarkable thing is that it takes courage and strength to go against your tendency and do the right thing… and just as importantly, at the right time.

So some of you reading may be hanging on to something that needs to be released, or continuing something that needs to be stopped.

Cut your losses and move on.  Seriously… let it go and move on.

There are others reading this blog and your tendency is to jump off and run to something else when things get a bit tough or uncomfortable.

What a wuuse!   Yes,YOU.

I probably didn’t spell it right but you are still one regardless of how it’s spelled.

This is the beauty of life.  We are all different.

We are all trying to make our way in the world and trying to make a good life for ourselves and the people we love.

It is easier to stay with our tendency – hang on too long or jump off too soon.  If we are honest we can see these tendencies in different aspects of our life.

To grow and become better we have to push against our tendency.

I sure have a long way to go… a very long way.

But today I did not get trapped by my tendency and hang on to trying to make something work that needed to be dropped.

I feel better about today’s blog.  And let me assure you… if you read my other blog you would totally agree.

See you Monday.


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