Go with the flow!


Yep… me again.

In the last blog entry I started digging into the power of constancy.

On the surface it may sound boring but the implications for our life and the fulfillment we can experience in our life is profound.  Seriously, really, really profound.

Stick with me and I’ll prove it.

According to the dictionary constancy is invariable, uniform, continually occurring or recurring.  It is marked by steadfast resolution or faithfulness.

Okay, enough with the academic.  What does this mean for us in the real world?

I mentioned that there are three things that are Universal constants.  They are – Change, Changelessness and Choice.

In the last blog I poked at the issue of Change.  It is constant, never ceasing, relentless.


“You never step into the same river twice.”

- Chinese Proverb


The first time I read the proverb I tilted my head and had this puzzled look in my mind.  I didn’t immediately understand it at first.  Yes… you’re probably a brighter bulb than I am.  So don’t scoff.


“He who laughs last, thinks slowest.”

- Unknown


It took me a moment because I told myself that I have been in the same river many times.  But in reality, it wasn’t the same river.  The river is in constant motion and constantly changing.  It was always a different river.

Once again, life is in constant motion and we must continue to adjust and shift or change will force us to move.

Let me speak from experience, getting to the point where you are forced to change or move is not pleasant.  And it is never a gentle process.


The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.
- Charles Kettering


Our attitude toward change dictates our success in navigating the shifting landscape.  If not careful we can waste an inordinate amount of energy and life fighting the inevitable.


It’s the most unhappy people who most fear change.
- Mignon McLaughlin



The most fulfilled and successful at navigating these waters are those who accept change and work to be on the front edge.  This allows them to help channel the current in productive directions.

Wow… sorry if I have hammered this change thing too much.  But it is critical that we understand and accept this life dynamic.

I am probably like most of you in that it’s pretty easy to understand but accepting is pretty tough.

In good conscious in need to ask a couple of pretty pointed questions.

  1. What is something in the past you have hung on too for much too long?
  2. What were the consequences?
  3. Is there something now that you know in your heart that you need to release and shift with the change?

In the next blog I will talk about a constant that will sound exactly the opposite of what I have been saying.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I have NEVER said anything like what I am about to say.

The next blog entry will literally transform our life if we take it to heart.

See you Monday.


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