The BIG Decision


Howdy.  I’m glad you decided to pop in today.

I have to do something I haven’t been able to do in any of my blogs… write and post the entry in less than an hour.

Some of you that are regulars are probably amused that it takes me more than an hour to write these little discourses on life and the world.  Like I said from the beginning, I am not a writer nor am I the most colorful crayon in the box.

In the last three blogs I have written about the constants in our world that impact every aspect of our lives.

If we don’t understand them, or embrace them, our lives sadly occupy space toward the bottom of the pond where the debris and yucky stuff settle.  We can never fully enjoy the fresher, brighter waters toward the top.


Side Note: Please, don’t ask me where these metaphors come from.  I have no idea.

They just seem to seep out as I type.  And yes, it frightens me too.


The first two constants were Change (everything around us is constantly changing and moving), and Changelessness (the Universal Laws of nature and life that never change).

If you want a deeper understanding please go back and read them.  Remember, I only have less than an hour to pull this blog thing off.

Please don’t miss this next point.  The first two constants exist and we have NO control over them.  They are constants whether we like it or believe it.

They were in existence long before we popped out of our mother’s womb and will be in existence long after we have returned to dust.

The third constant is totally different.  This constant is completely within our control and exists only as long as we exist.

The constant is CHOICE.

It is our ability to choose and make decisions in respect to the other two constants.  We choose what we do and how we interface with the constants that impact our lives.

My wife and I recently watched an average romantic comedy called The Prince and Me.  It was cute but it would never win any awards.

But in the movie there was a statement made by one of the characters that just jumped off the TV screen to me.

The Prince was talking to his ailing father (the King) about the commoner he wanted to marry.  The King told his son:


“It’s at the end of a man’s life when he realizes how important his decisions (choices) were at the beginning of his life.”


How true!

Everyone one of us can look back and see choices that were good and… not so good.

We celebrate the good ones and try to forget the bad ones.

We are constantly making choices in regards to life and the two constants that swirl around us.  So we need to get it as right as we can.

I want to spend some time over the next couple of blogs to talk about Choice.

I hope you hang out with me as I poke at this topic a bit.

See you Monday.

P.S.  For those who are interested, I did finish in time.

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  1. We all as humans have this urge to be the boss so , we need to think critically before making a decision (choice) so that when we look back and see the many good choices we made, well say to our mortal self, “now you are the big kahuna!” hehehe

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