Hold on to your hat!


In the last blog I mentioned that life can be an amazing adventure.  Well, this week has been proof of that… WHEW!!!!!

I started a new chapter in my life.  Things in my life jumped from a comfortable safe cruising speed of 55 mph on a well-marked spacious Interstate highway to about 120 mph on a curvy mountain road in one day.

Wow, what a wild ride.

I’m going so fast I can barely keep my hat on.  Maybe I am carrying this “life’s an adventure” thing a bit too far.

But not really.

What happened is that I actually took my own advice.  I was presented with different options… and I took the bolder.

This came from a quote that I used in the last blog entry.


When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take – choose the bolder.
-  Sir William Slim

Frankly, jumping into a car speeding on curvy roads is quite scary.  I am not talking about doing something foolhardy but the bolder choice does involve a higher degree of risk.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to fail or look bad.

But the “want” for a well-lived life was greater than the fear of failing.

To put it another way, the desire to stay in a secure successful place was seduced by the Siren’s song of the “what can be”.

As I said earlier, I want to live a life of adventure but not of being foolhardy.

I believe most people fall on the end of life’s continuum where it’s easy to get in a safe rut and go through life.

These are people like me who need to step out and live life fuller… and the rewards are absolutely amazing.

On the other hand there are another group of people on the other end of the continuum.

These are the people who are adrenalin junkies for new things.  They jump from one thing to another trying the latest, greatest and most dangerous.

If not careful these folks never set down roots, working through the hard issues and reaping the blessings, stability and joy this provides.

It probably sounds like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth… there are rewards to stepping out into adventures and there are rewards to a stable life.

Yes… that’s exactly what I’m saying.  There are blessings on both ends.

It’s just that we tend to gravitate to one end or the other.  Because this is where it feels the most natural and comfortable.

To experience the fullest life has to offer we must move ourselves toward the other direction.  But to do so is hard work, very hard work.

Yep, I took a big step this week.  It has been stressful but stretching.

I can’t wait to see where this new path takes me.

So I tighten my chinstrap to keep my hat from flying off.

See you Monday.

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