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Hi there… good to have you visit.

I don’t know about you but my life feels like a movie sometimes.  I’m not talking about a life that’s like an action movie or romantic comedy but the storyline of the quirky person who has some strange gift.


Side Note: Yes, I’m sure that you can rattle off all kinds of titles of famous movies involving quirky gifted people.


For me it’s more like the kind of movie where a young kid would see math formulas magically come together in his head and then just naturally blurt out the answer.  Or a movie where someone has a strange gifting that is manifested in their lives in strange ways.

Yep… I’m the quirky weird guy that wears a pocket protector, pants that are too high, plaid shirts, glasses and foil on his head.

Just kidding, just kidding.  I don’t have a pocket protector.

But strangely enough I do feel out of the ordinary sometimes, or weird may be a better descriptor.  My weirdness is definitely not mathematical but more philosophical in nature.

Instead of a formula mysteriously coming together in my head when presented with a math problem, it is words or ideas swirling around taking shape when I hear a thought provoking statement or an insightful quote.


Side Note: Frankly, this may not be all that special.  It is probably something that is fairly common.

Although it may not be all that special it still fascinates me.


It happens pretty frequently but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it occurs.

I may have heard a concept a hundred times.  But all of a sudden something fairly mundane can explode and set my head into motion.

When it happens, it’s like a movie in my head.  Ideas start popping and examples seem to flow.

All in all it’s pretty cool.  But the problem is… what do I do with it?  What purpose does it serve?  Seriously.

When I wrote this last sentence I was reminded of a kid I worked with once.

In my first real job out of college I worked in for the State of Texas with kids that were mentally and physically challenged.

There was one kid who had a lot of issues.  He was legally blind and mentally challenged.  He barely operated at a functioning level.

Although he barely functioned, I would put him in the Idiot savant category because he had an amazing gift.  You could give him any date in history and he could tell you what day of the week it fell.

I would blurt out a date – June 5th, 1952 and he would mumble in hardly legible words… tursday.  Yes, I know Thursday is misspelled but I wrote it the way he said it.

I thought it was fascinating… but the problem is, what can you do with a quirky gift like this.

So I ask myself the same question about my quirkiness.

You may be wondering what set me off on this topic.  It’s fresh because it just happened again.  I was watching an interview with the golfer Johnny Miller and he was talking about his life.  Then he made the following quote.


What you accomplish in life is not the greatest measure of success but what you’ve overcome.


For whatever reason this simple quote triggered all the connecters in my head to spark.

I’m sure most of you are wondering what was the big deal about the quote.  Good question.  I have no idea but it set thoughts in motion.

Maybe this quote is something I will unpack a bit more in the next blog.

But my question for you is what triggers your head?  If something does set your mind a blazin, why that thing?

Think about it and let’s talk about it tursday.

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