Pressure’s Building


Good to see you again.

Thanks for popping in to visit.  Hopefully I will say something worthwhile that makes your visit worth the stop.

Oh great… I just put all kinds of pressure on myself to say something that has substance and meaning.

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I feel pressure to perform my brain seems to squeeze tight and I can’t seem to force anything out.

Yes, I know, my last sentence doesn’t conjure up a pretty sight in my mind either.  Sorry about that.

But seriously, I can’t and won’t take any ownership of what you get or don’t get out of what I write.

If I am selling you a promise then I have a massive obligation to perform.  Some people make a lot of money selling promises.

How many of you have heard speakers or writers who say things like…

  • This will change your life
  • Five steps to success

If a statement is made like this then the person has made a commitment.  They better perform.

I promise no life change nor do I guarantee success.

But I can promise candidness, consistency and honesty.   I promise not to judge nor demand action. I will encourage action or for you to consider different thoughts, but never demand.

More and more I believe that we need people around us that encourage and push us.

My desire is to present morsels of thought that invite a taste.  Hopefully the taste of something new or different triggers a craving for more.

I will never give hollow promises.

The advertising world is fascinating to me.  The intent is to increase the sales of a product but usually they are selling something else.

Have you noticed how happy the people always are?


The impression is that by driving a certain car, drinking a specific drink, watching a brand of TV, or going to the newest hangout you too can be happy and worry free just like the people in the picture.

Advertisements can easily become an emotional trap of disillusionment.

Maybe I’m the weird one but the happiness and fulfillment I experience in life takes work.

It’s simple… but not easy.

I’m not sure where I’m going with all of this but maybe it is something I need to flesh out a little more over the next few blog entries..

Humm… what really does constitute happiness and fulfillment, and how does one attain it?

The first question that pops into my mind is what in the world makes me think that I have something to say about happiness and fulfillment.

I will think a little more about whether I expound on being happy and fulfilled.

But regardless of what I end up writing about I do know this:  I will not take ownership of other people’s needs and expectations.

If you get something out of reading my blog – WONDERFUL.

I am ecstatic.

You receiving something from my meandering means that you were open, receptive.  It was you, not me, that made the difference.

Well, check back in on Thursday.  I am as curious as you to see where I go from here.

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