Watch out for the cliff


Me again.  Welcome back.

In the last blog I talked about having a life that is happy and fulfilled.  Toward the end of the blog I asked this question…

What really does constitute happiness and fulfillment, and how does one attain it?

It was then that I threw out the possibility that I may spend some time talking about this lofty topic.

I am probably stepping off the edge of a cliff but I think I will step out on the topic and see where we land or what we hit.  Hopefully it will prove valuable.

Believe me when I say that I have no illusions that I can bring any new insight to a topic that has been the central question of everyone’s existence.  Not at all.

The reality is, I will have no new insight… but don’t stop reading.

Just because I will have nothing new to add to this looming question of life doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of this blog.

Here’s why.  It’s not because I am gifted… it is because you may be ready to hear and receive.

I may by chance have the privilege to lay an important stepping-stone of insight or stimulus on your journey to happiness and fulfillment.

Or, something I say may not extend your path but it stirs a thought that helps remove an obstacle in your path, something that has hindered progress.

Once again it is not that I am particularly insightful or bright… it is because you are ready to take it in.

Just so you know, my attempt to talk about this topic of happiness and fulfillment will not be a linear line of logic.

I will throw out things as I think of them and build on them accordingly.

So grab my hand and let’s step off this cliff together.  Look out beloooooooooooooow.


What constitutes happiness and fulfillment and how does one attain it?

The first thing that pops into my mind regarding happiness and fulfillment is – PURPOSE.

I ran across two quotes about purpose and happiness that I found pretty interesting.  I would like for you to choose which one you think is most true.


The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
– Dalai Lama



True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
– Helen Keller

So which is it?  Is the purpose of our lives to be happy or does happiness come from purpose?

Nothing against the Dalai Lama but I think he has this one wrong.

Happiness is a “what” while purpose is one of the “whys”.

So if you believe, as I do, that Helen Keller is more on target then this begs the next question, what is the purpose I build my life around?

Humm… good question.  We’ll tackle that on Monday.

See you then.


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