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Howdy… good to have you visit.

Well, as you know I have been have stepped into the middle of a topic where “angels fear to trod”.

I have been talking about the purpose for and in our lives.  This whole series of blogs was launched when I posed the question, what makes a person fulfilled and happy?

In the last blog I talked about the importance of purpose and promised that I would talk about gives my life purpose.

To talk about purpose in my life requires that I talk a little about my Faith.

Don’t worry… I’m not going to get all preachy or write with churchy God talk.

Side Note: Those of you who have hung out with me for a while knows that I talk very little about God.  That is not the purpose of this blog.


But my faith is the essence of who I am so if I am talking about purpose in my life then it must be part of the discussion.

I have found that people who are intellectually honest want to hear people’s story.

If you were sharing the purpose of your life I would be interested in your story regardless if our beliefs matched or not.

I would want to hear your story but I don’t want or need you jamming what you believe down my throat.  You can be assured I will never do that to you.

You may find this interesting but I get my example of not forcing you to believe the way I do from Jesus… yep Jesus.

He never ever forced anyone to believe him.  He spoke clearly and directly about who He was but never forced people to believe or accept.

That’s why free will is so incredibly important as it relates to the Christian faith.

If there were no free will then God would not be who he said he is.  If God is love then he must love us enough to give us the choice to love him back.

God does pursue us… because he loves us.  But He never forces us.

Unfortunately many Christians (albeit genuine) have tried to force their beliefs on the nearest breathing target.  How sad and unfortunate.

God gets the black eye for the stupidity of people who do things in the name of Jesus.

I ran across this picture that unfortunately makes my point.



My purpose isn’t to make atheists wrong.  Wow, what a pitiful life if that’s your purpose.

My purpose is simply living a life for Christ.  Why?

Because He is real; because He is who he said he was; because He’s relevant to every aspect of my life; and because He is worthy of my love and life.

I mentioned in the last blog that purpose was important because we needed something bigger than ourselves.

Living a life of faith based on a relationship with Christ is wonderful in that it makes my life bigger, more meaningful, and utterly amazing.

He gives my life purpose.

Once again, I am not trying to make you believe the way I believe.  But my story of purpose is that of knowing and following Christ.

You may be reading this blog for the same reason I read blogs or books… I want to learn, stretch my thinking and explore the world of thought and ideas.

If there is a God (which I personally have no question there is), and if a person is genuinely seeking and pursuing truth, then naturally they will open hearts and minds to things they don’t understand.

For whatever reason our paths have crossed via this blog.  I do not believe it to be an accident.

Hopefully I have stirred your thinking.  If so… terrific.

On Monday I am going to talk about the second thing that makes our lives fulfilled and happy.

See you then.

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