No Name Post

Hi… no time for being nice.

I only have forty minutes to type my blog.  I am still on vacation and the computer I am on only has so much time on it and I can’t download any pictures to make it all pretty.

So I am left to my own devices to come up with something quickly and clever to make this blog semi-meaningful.

I don’t know about you but when I get rushed my fingers get all clumsy and clunky.  They refuse to cooperate with my head.

In all honesty this is nothing new but usually I have time for one or the other to win out and at least create a blog with some level of insight.  But today there are absolutely no guarantees.

I have been talking about the things that makes life happy and fulfilled.  I have talked about purpose and started on people.  I feel there is more to talk more about in regards to people.

I love watching people… they facinate me.  The variety is astonishing.

What a boring world if we were all the same or even similar.  I get bored with myself.

I can’t imagine what it would be like putting up with me all the time… you ought to live with me… boring.

At least my wife thinks I’m funny.

Just as a side note to all of you women out there… if you don’t want repeat behavior from your adolecent husband, don’t laugh at anything he does.

If I do something and my wife laughs, guess what?

Yep… I do it again.  It’s her fault for laughing.

But it does begin to wear on her after the third or forth time.  But I do tuck it away in my memory bank to resurface at another opportune time.

But back to people.  Every person has a story and most people are pretty interesting.

The problem is  that most have not been given a chance to tell their story or have never felt they have lived a life that would interest another person.

It’s pretty cool when I meet someone who is fairly insecure about telling their story and they open up.  I learn a lot.

There is great wisdom in the lives of others.

The problem is most people don’t take the time to show interest in the lives of others.  Our society just becomes more isolated and protective.

The sad thing is… we all lose.

Well, I have no idea how my time is because this computer doesn’t have a timer to let me know how close I am to me timing out.

Just so you know I will be back at my own computer on Monday so I will have pictures and quotes.

Ciao… see you Monday

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