The Cliff

Can you believe it… blog entry #19.  I keep plugging along trying to figure out what to write.  Hopefully it has been helpful to my friends keeping me company, or at least somewhat entertaining.

Our meandering up this mountain hasn’t been too difficult so far and fairly uneventful (except for the cussing spell I had about eight blogs back).

But today is a bit different.  I have started this blog at least five times.  It is a challenge because I am allowing myself to think too much about what you think.

Side Note: For those of you who are new, in blog #3 (Titled:  “The Wall”) I talked about the walls that have kept me trapped.  The main wall I shared is worrying what people think.

So I have to publicly put it in its place again… this blog is for me.  I know you know this but I am saying this for me.  Worrying what people think makes me second guess everything I write.

The truth is, you too need to periodically put things in their place.  The things that have kept you moored to the shore of self preventing you from exploring the vast sea of the unknown.

We all have to do this to assure ourselves a journey that has meaning and reward.

Everyone has these walls that resurface after you have made a decision to move forward.  Don’t be discouraged.

Important Truth:

“You can’t have a breakthrough until you have a breakwith”

- Stephen Covey

So we breakwith again.  And that’s ok.  A few years ago I would have been pretty hard on myself because I had a set back.  Nope, not now.  I don’t care if I have to breakwith every week.  The mountain is mine to climb.  And that’s a good feeling.

For me, a time like this is the part of journey up the mountain where we encounter the sheer face… straight up.   The casual stroll we all enjoy is not in sight.

A few years ago I learned something that has served me well in times like this.  I had an opportunity to go on a 10 day wilderness experience.  One day we spent rock climbing.  Like most life changing learnings it came in the most unexpected way.

I was really nervous climbing the cliff.  Yes, I was harnessed and the ropes safe in the hands of my belayer.  But while climbing the cliff every fiber of my being was screaming at me to HUG THE ROCKS.” My natural instinct was to pull close to the rocks.

But for climbing that is the worst thing to do.  What you must do is counter-intuitive.  Once you have a hand hold and your foot positioned you push your body away from the sheer wall.

The physics are apparent… when the core of your body is away from the face of the wall the weight is forced into the wall through your legs for a better grip.  Conversely, the closer you are to the wall the weight is focused straight down.

The physics may be apparent to some but it was idiocy to my mind.

But this principle is true with most things.  There are times you cannot trust your thinking.  What you must do is counter-intuitive.

For some, joining me on this journey is a big risk.  Push away from the wall… it will make it much easier.

See you later.

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