Time to Weed!


Howdy… I’m back.

Toward the end of the last blog I started talking about lies that we tell ourselves and how destructive they are to us.

I am not talking about lies in general.  I am talking about the lies we believe… the ones that strangle the life out of the good we want to do and keeps us incarcerated in the invisible prison of perception.


We cripple ourselves with lies.
-  Jim Morrison


I feel the need to do a little more digging about this topic.  Digging around the topic of lies is not an easy task.  Lies are like an insidious weed.

One would think that you can simply pluck it up and rid yourself of the unsightly pest.  But the removal of the stem is only the portion that shows on the surface.

In actuality you have not removed the weed (the lie) because over time it has developed a vast network of roots that have wormed their way deep into the soil.

So the question is, how do we rid ourselves of lies?

First we must have the “want to”.

Let’s be real for a moment… lies have successfully rooted because for some people they serve a purpose.

Yep, served a purpose.  They can be very convenient excuses not to change.

To add to the complexity, the lies that are the most vile are the ones that have a kernel of truth.  The trap becomes when we focus on the speck of truth and cannot (or will not) see the massive lie that surrounds.


A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.
-  Alfred Lord Tennyson


As I said in the last blog, you cannot free yourself from a lie until you believe that you have lies.  And the reality is… we all have lies that we believe to some degree.

I ran across a quote that talks about believing lies.  I am not totally sure I buy in to it completely but it makes me think and examine the truth in the quote.


People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to.
-  Malcolm Muggeridge


Like I said, I don’t know for sure if I totally believe it but it makes me think.

OK… back to the lies we know.

The best way you kill the weed lies is not by an exhaustive digging into the dirty soil.  This approach can easily become a morbid introspection that is both discouraging and tedious.

I believe the best way to rid yourself of most lies is two ways.  You either destroy by neglect or you displace it with truth.

To destroy by neglect means that you don’t nurture them.  Believe it or not you can feed and nurture weeds.  But Why?

This is rather faulty rationale but from a distance weeds look green like grass.  By keeping people at a distance they can’t tell what’s healthy grass or rampant weeds.

So the first step… don’t feed them… neglect them.  Identify them for what they are and let them go.

It does help smother the weeds if you have truth but at the very least we need not feed them.

I do believe (and I have been there) that we may not know what the truth is in our lives.  But the power of putting the lie in its place frees us to embrace truth.

Go ahead… destroy by neglect.

See you Monday.

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