The Nothing Day


The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the blog.  It was just a picture.

I have nothing to say today.  I’m not kidding.

For some reason my head is dead.

I was supposed to have this blog entry written yesterday morning.  Here it is late in the afternoon and I have a dead head.

So what does a person do when they feel empty and void… share something from their journal.

Yep.  I am very reticent to share my journal, but I am.

Also everyone needs to know that there will be some God talk.


Just because I am going to talk about God don’t get all weirded out.   Those of you who have been hanging out with me for a while know that I don’t expect you to believe the way I do nor am I trying to make you believe the way I believe.

All I ask is to take it as it is.

Journal Excerpt – July 18, 2009

I feel shallow…

Humiliatingly shallow.

You think you’re about to wrap your mind and heart around a spiritual concept and then God cracks the door… ever so slightly and that whisper of a glimpse reveals the folly of being able to capture even a small piece of God.

You cannot grasp God. He grasps you.

If you let Him.

He lovingly reveals Himself in mysteriously subtle glimpses that slowly unfold and reveal more as we are able to grasp, absorb, and cherish the gift of revelation.

What a gift.  What joy!

There is nothing… absolutely nothing that is so refreshing as His Spirit quickening our hearts with His presence.


I’m not sure why I decided to share this piece of my life.

It must be for someone.  What I said is very true.

There is nothing… absolutely nothing like sensing and experiencing the Spirit of God.

I futilely attempted to talk about feelings in the last blog.

There are some feelings that are hollow and end up being a dead-end.  Generally these are the feelings we get from the things we use in life to create a cheap buzz to help us escape.

God stuff… no escape there… no cheap buzz.

I hope to see you Thursday.


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