The Beauty of Different


Isn’t this a great picture?

My wife took this shot during a trip to Poland a few years ago.  The picture is of a sculpture in the main market plaza in Krakow, Poland.

I really like things that catch you by surprise.

What grabs my attention most are the things that feel foreign to the surroundings, such as this picture for example.  Here you have two young ladies having lunch with this huge head in the background… very cool.

I must be getting salty or weird as I age.  I used to like nice predictable pictures that were both beautiful and inspiring.

I guess I still like them but I have really gotten into the quirky things that cause you pause when seen.

Take for example this picture of dancer Aesha Ash.


I love it.

Here you have a ballerina in tutu bowing gracefully in pose on the street next to a street musician.

The stark contrast of the subjects in the picture brings out the exquisiteness not lessens it.

The same ballerina pose on stage surrounded by other dancers would not reveal the same level or dimension of beauty.

The elegant beauty is enhanced by the rawness of the street.

I guess it strikes me so much because we as humans tend to gravitate to sameness.

Side Note: I can hear 99% of you reading this blog saying that in no way you want to be the same as anyone else.

Yep… you’re different just like everyone else.  Stick with me I think you will agree.


Yes, there is variety in the world with a lot of different people and groups.

But look at your world.  The reality is, we are attracted to likeminded people.

What really amuses me when I see someone who wants to rebel against the conventional establishment and become alternative or Goth or something.

It makes me laugh when they end up looking and being just like the rest of their world.  People get smug because they think they are different.

They are just like the people they associate with.

Even the artsy fartsy elite that has distain, for quote, “average America” all look the same.

That’s why I am enamored by contrast.

You are never different if you are only around people who are the same.

Side Note: Yes, I know.  The last sentence was a B.G.O.

A Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious

A person that is Goth has no distinction with other Goths.

A middle America church goer looks no different than middle America church goers.

The snobby artistic elite are the same with the other artistic elite.

But place any of these in the other person’s world… wow.  That’s when you see the real difference.

I think I will talk about these real differences on Monday.


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