Truth or Truths

I don’t know about you but I get pretty frustrated with the media and politics (Don’t worry I’m not getting all political on you.  We have enough political talk without me jumping into the mix).  What frustrates me is that you don’t know what to believe.

Truth is sacrificed on the alter of facts. 

The sad reality is that this is the nature of the world we live in.  From the beginning of time people have taken facts to paint a distorted picture.  We have all done it to some degree.

It is sort of like a kaleidoscope… fragments of facts jumbled together to distort reality. 

You may be wondering what got Jerry all riled up.  You’re probably thinking that I must have just finished listening to the evening news.  Nope.  I’m not writing about this because I’m frustrated but stirred. 

I was stirred by a comment left by Kathy about something I wrote a couple of blogs back.  For full context you might want to review my blog “Searching or Discovery”.

 Excerpt from Kathy’s Comment:

I get grabbed by something that is true and then I belong to it. Change inside of me happens almost automatically. Why do you think it happens that way? Do you think that is the way it is with all truth–scientific truth–or discovering in historical facts? or is it just with spiritual truth?

Over the next couple of blogs I will try to share my thoughts.  Let me be the first to say that I by no means believe that I have the answers to Kathy’s questions… but it doesn’t stop me from having an opinion. 

I believe there is Truth and there are truths.  Truths are facts about things that exist.   

But Truth, that is a different matter.  Ah, Truth… beautiful Truth.  In a world of distortion and complexity there is splendid simple Truth. 

Important Point:    Simple does not mean easy. 

Truth does not rest on the surface of life where you can easily grasp or understand it in full context.  We sense it and see evidence of it.  Truth is something deeper, broader, and higher… all around and permeating everything.

That’s why people like and gravitate to truths; they can take hold of them and control their use by carelessly tossing them around to make a point.  Settling for only truths are the cowards’ way. 

Truth… you cannot distort or control.  It is just hidden in the clutter of truths, but it’s fully intact waiting for us.

There are two characteristics of Truth (I am sure there’s a lot more but these are a good starting point) that I will poke on.  Truth informs and transforms.  I really liked what Kathy said when she wrote, “Change inside of me happens almost automatically.”

That is what our journey is all about.  Discovery. 

See you on Thursday.

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