In a Funk or Funky?


Wow… I must really be in a crappy mood.

Every time I started typing this blog entry it was negative or down.  How depressing is that?

I’m not panicking or anything (yet)… but I am starting to get weirded out a bit.  Its weirding me out because I’m typically a pretty lighthearted and upbeat person.

If you don’t believe me all you have to do is just ask my shrink, my five cats, or any of my internet friends on the Dancing With the Stars web blog.  Just kidding, just kidding… I have only four cats and a gerbil.

I guess I’m in a funk.

So I did what everyone does when they have a problem… I went to the World Wide Web to get life’s answers.

I found some amazing insights.  I thought I was full of crap.

The following were actual suggestions for getting out of a funk.  Frankly, after reading some of them I felt like I needed to remove all my knives from the house.  They would make a person feel more depressed.

If you find yourself in a funk you are to…

  • Connect with people
  • Commit to a new goal
  • Read an engrossing book or see an emotionally powerful movie
  • Wait patiently
  • Exercise

Huh?  These are the things that put me in a funk in the first place.

Now if suggestions above weren’t depressing enough the next two nearly put me over the edge

  • Come one with the spiritual world of nature
  • Use the powerful tool of self-love

There is one person that I found very intriguing.  Apparently I am in a funk because my “Vibration” is low.  Humm… vibration.

According to this one site, thinking negative thoughts are low vibration.  Therefore we are in a funk.  Of course the opposite is true.  Positive thoughts are high vibration and therefore we are happier.

You know, this person may have a point.  I’ve heard that most people set their vibrators on high.  Apparently it brings more happiness.  I don’t know from experience of course, just hear say.

The reality is we all get in bad moods.  Now if it lasts a few weeks that’s a different issue.

Check in on Thursday, hopefully I will be vibrating faster.

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